Fronda: the NATO summit has not changed anything

Fronda: саммит НАТО ничего не изменил

Interview with General Roman Polko (Roman Polko) takes place the anniversary summit of NATO. Poland calls him the results of his great success. President Andrzej Duda (Andrzej Duda) noted that the principle of collective defense of the Alliance have received confirmation. Is it really possible to speak about success? In the end, we heard only that NATO refuses to perform its primary function. What do you think?Roman Polko: Managed to smooth over the conflicts that arose because of the statements of the presidents of France and Turkey. This is undoubtedly a success, however, to boast about them prematurely. Before the summit we were worried because we saw an attempt to block a core function of NATO, which is providing support under the Fifth article of the Washington Treaty and financial aid to the countries of the Eastern flank. The summit took place, but much remains to be done.The Alliance must be able to act in concert. The situation when you heard such statements as we have heard from the lips of Emmanuel Macron, is unacceptable. European NATO members, primarily France and Germany, should follow the example of countries such as Poland and start to provide for the defense at least 2% of GDP. Named state is very gradually come to realize that it’s necessary. It’s time to change the situation. The summit brought nothing new, meanwhile we should make Russia a clear signal to the Alliance United and strong, it will not allow itself to be split.— The summit approved the initiative of “4 to 30”: in 2020 should receive the high readiness forces consisting of 30 infantry battalions, 30 squadrons of aircraft and 30 warships, ready to use within 30 days. This is the right step from a military point of view?— Initiative “4 to 30”, and the previously unheard of promises to create a rapid reaction force, which is, frankly, yet, rather, the rhetoric and propaganda than something specific. When in 1999 Poland joined NATO, I personally with her the 18th battalion took in Italy, part in the exercises of rapid reaction forces. It has been, but they were eliminated because someone in the Alliance has decided that we, as Fukuyama said, the end of history and the world is not in danger. What functioned well, destroyed.Now the Alliance returns to previous concepts, bringing a new wrapper. I hope that all will not end in the statements, and the initiative “4 to 30” do not get stuck in the planning stage. I believe that this can happen when these forces will work out joint actions, and the Alliance again, as before, will conduct exercises of operational scale.Vladimir Putin constantly checks the level of preparedness and coordination of his army, the Russians have a unified command. Meanwhile, NATO’s unanimity there, and it gives Russia an advantage. The Alliance should again be one iron fist. Not that its members contributed to the strengthening of Moscow, buying her energy or anti-aircraft missile systems, building “Northern stream — 2”. It is a betrayal of NATO’s ideas. We must act together to counter threats on its Eastern flank. Without this, the realization of the Third article, which States that each country should create its own military capacity, will remain a fiction, and NATO — a “paper tiger”.— Estonian Deputy Prime Minister, reacting to the words of the Macron about “brain death”, NATO acknowledged that it did not believe the allied guarantee. He invited other Baltic States and Finland to create your “plan B”. This region will really be defenseless in case of attack?— Defenseless, we can not be called, but the guarantor of the Alliance is now USA only. Harsh statements of Donald trump, calling to increase spending on defence, or the statements of the representatives of the Baltic countries can understand. We live in a world where there is a real threat. As said the late President Lech Kaczynski (Lech Kaczyński): first Georgia, then Ukraine…the War in the electronic sector is already underway, constantly attacks on the computer systems of the US, France, and Germany. We have something to fear, therefore there is a need of creating your own potential. A word about “plan B” should be taken as a call to Wake up and do something together. Estonians probably don’t want to look for alternatives to NATO, because it is an impossible task. The country’s Eastern flank, together with Finland, will not be able to protect themselves without the help of allies.— The Alliance celebrated the 70-th anniversary of its establishment, we celebrated the 20 th anniversary of the accession of Poland. In the right direction in the last two decades was the development of the Polish army, can we say that militarily we are now in a better situation than in 1999? It is believed that in fact our capacity has not increased, but rather decreased.— The Polish army has its weaknesses, it much is not enough, however, since the 1990s years, she was transformed. I served in those armed forces, participated in the first mission in Yugoslavia. What we go in there, not stand up to scrutiny. We lacked a means of communication, armored personnel carriers, firepower. There were problems with coordination: he went there not the ones who really wanted, and those who were sent there. The army did not work out real problems, but only staged shows with the breaking head of the tile or burning concrete blocks. Now it has acquired combat experience, having been in Yugoslavia, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan. There were thoughtful experienced people who know how the real military operations.We overcame the problem with the English language, have mastered the procedures of NATO, have learned very well to interact. In 2020 the Polish special forces will once again take over the command of the advanced group of the Alliance of “Spearhead”. In this field we are the leaders. Territorial defense troops are working with their counterparts from the United States, creates a new quality. However, there are still problems with the technology at aviation and Navy, with modern technology are very expensive. We can list what we’re missing, but compared to the state of the armed forces in the 1990-ies, I believe, has experienced some revolutionary changes. In Iraq, we went with the technique, which the military defended with sandbags and sheets of tin. Now everything is not wonderful, but such initiative and lubitelsky is no more, and the military themselves do not agree to go to something like this, won’t let something like this sit.— Over the past twenty years have also changed the approach to preparedness. The military are in the barracks, and come to work. It does not weaken the army?— When I commanded a special unit, we were given 40 minutes to pack up and leave the location of the barracks with all appliances and equipment. The only question is, what was needed this commitment. We could raise military, but they were not ready to fight. A third of my soldiers with whom I went on the first mission in Yugoslavia, could not normally shoot. Played a proper education and training, the army existed on paper. There is practiced “Hiking tank move”: if there were tanks, soldiers were marching in fours and from time to time one of them said “Bang”, pretending to fire. Here’s alert! It looked good only on different celebrations, where were gathered all the forces, and everyday life looked sad. There was also talk of the ability to interact with foreign partners.What I get for becoming a commander of the special operations forces GROM? Staffing at 30%, zero resources, two crumbling ship, no cameras and parachutes. During the mission in Haiti of the 51 fighter, only three spoke English. Now English, knowledge of the procedures of the allies is the norm. Perhaps the military is not sitting all the time in the barracks, but I guarantee you, if necessary, mobilization will be fine. It is important not to just stay in the barracks, and effective use of out there time.

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