Frustrated by the work of the referees: Claude Julien was given a fine of$ 10,000

Frustré par le travail des arbitres: Claude Julien écope d'une amende de 10 000$

The national hockey League (NHL) has decided to punish the head coach of the Montreal canadiens, Claude Julien, Monday morning.

In effect, the driver 59-year-old has been fined $ 10,000 for comments he made after the defeat of 4 to 3 in overtime of his own in the face of the Dallas Stars last Saturday.

Frustrated by the work of the referees, Julian had not bothered to deliver the substance of his thought. The Stars had not received any punishment during this match, and this, in spite of so many flagrant violations have been committed. The coach of the CH was particularly frustrated against referees Dean Morton and Garrett Rank, who have not thought proper to raise the arm in extension on actions taken to the place of Max Domi and Joel Armia.

“It is very annoying. It is very annoying, honestly,” said Julien.

“This evening [Saturday], it would have had to beat two teams”, he added.

The Franco-Ontarian has tried to get an explanation, but meeting someone who was deaf.

“You can’t talk to him [Morton]. He was screaming at our players, he sent for a walk, ” explained Julien. One of them had a lot of frustration in itself, so I haven’t discussed it with him.”

The $ 10,000 that will pay the instructor the Habs for its comments will be forwarded to the Foundation of the NHL.

“The national League requires a certain standard of coaches. I understand that. So I accept the fine, said Julien, on Monday morning, after the workout of his own. At the same time, I felt that it was important that the players feel that I was to defend them. We have seen all the situations that have happened, it is important that the team, the players, the organization, feel that we support.”

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