FSB of Crimea have blocked the channel of delivery of drugs from Ukraine

ФСБ Крыма перекрыла канал поставки наркотиков с Украины

© Facebook, BEZPEKA Service of Ukraine, the FSB Officers detained two residents of Sevastopol, who organized the channel of delivery of synthetic drugs to the Peninsula from Ukraine. On 30 October, reported a press-service of management of FSB of Russia on Republic of Crimea and city of Sevastopol.Forbidden to the free circulation of medical product from the group of opiate, subutex, which includes a salt of a narcotic substance buprenorphine, men bought in Ukraine. In Sevastopol, they resell their product to addicts.

One of them was arrested with a consignment of illicit pills in the checkpoint Armyansk on the Russian-Ukrainian border.

“During the search at the place of residence of the detainee also discovered previously imported from Ukraine similar pills. At the checkpoint Dzhankoy was later detained another resident of Sebastopol, wazewski illegally in Russia subutex for subsequent implementation”, — said the FSB.
All law enforcement officers seized about 500 doses of buprenorphine.

Both the mule became defendants in criminal cases under part 1 of article 229.1 of the criminal code (“Smuggling of drugs”). Behind bars they can spend from three to seven years.

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