Full horoscope for April: lifestyle, relationships and love

Полный гороскоп на апрель: образ жизни, отношения и любовь

This is your month, Aries! Expect change, rebirth and second chances. In April, your intuition will deepen, and you will feel the desire to make spiritual advancement. Do some meditation or listen to the inner voice, this month he does not make mistakes.

Your body can be sensitive, so pay attention to what you eat and drink. Beware, alcohol can affect your behaviour and wellbeing.

In April you will be overwhelmed with love and energy. However, make sure you know the line between passion and aggression, or to the middle of the month in the relationship can cause problems.

The lonely woman-the Aries will have a lot of opportunities to meet new people. You have all the chances to fall in love and plunged into love.

Taurus: it’s time to focus

Time to roll up our sleeves and get to work. The universe is ready to bestow you with the strength needed to achieve your goals, so most of the month should be spent in the worries about it. Whether personal or professional project, you’ll be happier if you concentrate on it and get close to success at the end of April.

However, don’t forget to relax, if you feel you need it. You will not achieve anything, if you overload yourself. Don’t be afraid to be creative in their work, the best ideas can come to you if you think abstractly.

If you are already in a relationship, in the second week of the month you have with your partner can cause conflicts. April will put a spoke in the wheel in dealing with people, as Jupiter is responsible for this, is in a retrograde phase, so the relationship will be filled with misunderstandings and grievances. Try to understand your partner and often discuss with them the problems to avoid unnecessary quarrels.

Lone Calf high probability of finding love this month, as it is a time of new beginnings. Love may come to you unexpectedly, so it is important to be open to it and give others more chances than usual. Love can blind you, so make sure the partner responds to you in return.

Gemini: time for new relationships

April is a great month for meeting new people and meeting new people. By combining your energy with buddies, friends or colleagues, you can achieve the goal, the implementation of which has been indefinitely postponed. When you communicate with others, remember who you are, what is your goal and moral principles, not to let others affect you.

At the end of the month can occur positive changes in the professional field. Remember one thing: when God closes a door, he opens a window.

Love is not the most important thing for you, but this month you have to put it in priority. Mercury retrograde promises you confusion in love life and you may neglect your partner. You should understand their feelings and spending more time with the chosen one to eliminate any misunderstandings.

In April, pay special attention to friends, especially if you are alone. Friendship can develop into something more if you spend time and effort, so think about how you treat your friends.

Cancer: make a plan of action

Take the time planning. As for the career in April, most of the work will focus on the launch of a new project, implementation or presentation of ideas. You are much more likely to withstand any obstacles, if you have a step by step plan and you strictly follow it. This month your work will require you maximum attention.

About April 8, you can contact with influential or famous person. Fellowship with him promises of recognition, so it’s time to think about in what way you will present yourself to the public.

April is the season of change, and your relationship with your spouse or partner may undergo changes at the beginning of the month that will require rapid adaptation.

Good news for single Cancers, who dream to find my second half! On April 8, the probability of a new novel, which is destined to be a happy and long-term. Don’t be afraid that can quickly fall in love, you were made for love. Note to colleagues — an office romance can develop into a strong and romantic relationship.

Leo: time for new beginnings

You have cleared the karma and are ready to make changes that will lead to the emergence of something new and wonderful. If you develop a long-term plan, start to implement it now, as the universe will support you in this.

In April you will be given an opportunity to work with a teacher or mentor that will help you to succeed in something important. About April 24, you will be obsessed with the desire to be in motion, this is a great time to travel.

In a relationship can feel the instability, it’s testing time. If the relationship is strong enough, you will cope with the existing problems. But if you and your partner are destined to be together, wait for the breakup. Thus the universe shows you what and who you need in your life and what and who isn’t.

Single Leo may have an affair with one of his friends that will cause problems in the future. You are attracted to someone who is popular. Be careful with the kind of relationship you want to keep secret, as a secret can become obvious this month.

Virgo: blessings everywhere

April promises you success in different areas of your life. The universe is favoring you in work, Dating, family. If you are interested in organising your own business or to start a new career, you will be successful if wisely spend your energy.

The beginning of the month is a good time to apply for a loan, as the stars promise you good luck in this area. Any financial decision you make now will be crowned with success.

You usually more focused on career than love, and it can have negative consequences for relationships. You may be tempted to shy away from work, but don’t overestimate the importance of your partner. If you value it, ensure that you give it enough time and attention.

If you are a virgin, a loner, you are probably looking for a romantic partner who will be able to improve things in finances or career. You will attract distinguished and wealthy partners.

Libra: manifest creativity and become successful

In April you have the opportunity to turn their creativity into something that brings profits. Make sure that whatever you create, you’ll be quality and originality, in this case, you have more chances of success. You have the opportunity to make his hobby a full-fledged, favorite work, so make every effort to everything we create.

Starting from April 24, chances to receive financial benefit, and this might be related to your creative efforts. The beginning of the month — the perfect time to work on business relationships and creating client database, which will help your ideas to become incredibly successful.

Love, as a rule, is the most important aspect of your life, and this month you will be surrounded by it. A relationship in which you are, will be light as a cloud and devoid of misunderstandings. You will feel the love from your friends, family, partner. In your social circle probably expected many marriages, and you will become more appreciative of your partner.

This month single women-Libra will also be surrounded by love. A high probability of meeting long-term romantic partner. Luck will accompany you in work and social activities. Your charisma will help you effortlessly attract a partner, so radiate confidence and put on display the best of what you have!

Scorpio: get rid of bad habits

April is the best time for a change. Try to remove bad habits related to work, daily activities, treatment or diet, from your life.

You can feel sverhemotsionalnye, so pay special attention to the mental well-being. Treat yourself to a few days of rest and sort out your own feelings.

This month the Sun and mercury are in your House of Love, which will lead to drastic changes in the romantic sphere. Scorpio in a relationship can detect the manifestation of discontent you and your partner, but ultimately, it will serve as Blige your links, because it will provide an opportunity to resolve differences and strengthen the Union.

Lonely Scorpio may find love in an unexpected place. There’s a chance that you will find passion at work, in the entertainment centre or at a public meeting.

Sagittarius: ifam necem to do, meditate

The spiritual world is very important to you, and April is the perfect time to improve your psychic and clairvoyant abilities. The best way to do this is to meditate. Fears, insecurities and complexes can destroy the bond between you and your higher self, meditation will help you to block those negative voices and to achieve the desired enlightenment.

New projects that you start at the end of the month will be a success. The money earned you hard work for a while, and unfortunately, this will not change in April. Around July you will see an improvement in their financial situation.

Fears rooted in the past will be a problem this month. Concerns that may arise in love, can cause problems in a romantic relationship, so give yourself the priority is to solve the problem and eliminate the negative.

Lone Archer will be opportunities for romance, but they likely will be discarded. These relationships will be based on physical attraction, but they will not have enough emotional attachment. After April 17, you will be able to find a partner willing to assume certain obligations, and with whom do you want to be together.

Capricorn: you will not be easy, so come on!

In April you have to cope with lots of problems. Basically, they are associated with the house, your family members, as well as the purchase of real estate. To overcome obstacles, remember that you are strong in spirit, and no one and nothing is going to hinder you on your way to the goal.

Even though you will be difficult, you can still discover they had the potential to achieve dreams if you really want it. Allow time for reflection about what really makes you happy and get ready for the storm.

Your attitude can change like the weather. April 15, expect a transformation that will seem impossible and even frightening. But believe, no matter what happens, your love and social life will improve after it.

20 April is a good time for singles, which will expand its potential fans. Your restraint may hinder communication, therefore, is to overcome shyness by the end of April.

Aquarius: luck is finally going to get back to you

After April 8, you will be very lucky. You will see new opportunities on the financial front. The beginning of the month will be quite troublesome, but try not to let worries swallowed you. This time of positive change and miracles.

Despite the fact that for you it is a good month, you may suffer from over-sensitivity and too vulnerable. Don’t let others know your feelings are hurt, since you will realize that overreacting to them.

In the romantic, everything will change for the better. Until April 20 you will feel sentimental and show affection to your partner. Intense feelings can lead you to temptation or a desire for romance, so stay on the ground and control yourself if you don’t want to lose the relationships that you already have.

This month easier for you to enter into a new relationship. You may even fall in love, which basically never happens. You will approach someone as smart and savvy as you look for a partner in a circle of colleagues or training courses.

Pisces: understand what you want from life

You have more opportunities than anyone to realize your dreams in life, and mid spring is the best time for this. You have the power to build the life that you desire, especially towards the end of the month, but the problem will be to decide what you want. If you clearly know what you want, you are more likely to get it.

This month you will receive several proposals from either your colleagues at work or through a business that you are alone. The key task is to seize these opportunities and turn them into a profitable business.

You will have to work hard to fulfill your dreams in life, but such efforts are not required in the romantic sphere. On this front, everything will be smooth! You are charismatic and easy to get along with a partner, providing harmony in relationships.

If you are single may find love nearby. Perfect for you a person can be closer than you think. You may find that until April 17 looking for someone who will support your financial aspirations, and after this time you want someone as smart as you. Both desires have the chance to be fulfilled!

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