Funding of anti-corruption is a circus with zero result

The cost of these bodies has increased in 26 times, no result

Финансирование антикоррупции - это цирк с нулевым результатом


Expenditure budget for anti-corruption bodies originate in 2015.

For 6 years, 6 anti-corruption on the budget expenditures will amount to UAH 12.3 billion (see Chart).

Spending on “anti-corruption” in 2015 increased 26 times (!):

with 178 million UAH in 2015 to 4.6 billion in 2020.

What is the result of activities of anti-corruption bodies?

The state budget revenues from the fight against corruption for the first 9 months of 2019 amounted to UAH 1.5 bn.

It would seem, neither good, nor bad, but the result is such as it is.

If not for two big “if”:

– first, this is not the result.

Because, according to the Prosecutor General’s office confiscated was not money, and government securities – government bonds (see copies of claims of February 21, 2019).

To transform bonds into money, the Ministry of Finance, at the expense of the taxpayers, spent in the amount of 1.5 billion UAH.

In 2016-2018 (in accordance with the Laws on state budget for the relevant years), Ministry of Finance, for the amount of forfeited bonds was just reduced domestic debt (set-off without “real” money);

– second, anti-corruption bodies even to this “non-result” is irrelevant. The issue of confiscation was held in the framework of the Prosecutor General at the request of persons without a certain residence.

In other words, Ukrainian taxpayers on anti-corruption agencies spend approximately $500 million (including plans for 2020), and the result is zero.

We also observe the constant squabbles between anti-corruption bodies, the night the house of the President (now former), then a wire in the tank, a wire in the ventilation system, accusing each other of treason and so on and so forth. While corruption does not become smaller. If not more. And one of the top corrupt officials are still not punished.

I think one that Ukrainian citizens too have paid dearly for this anti-corruption circus?
Viktor Skarshevsky