Funny SMS-greetings carnival

From 12 to 18 February, Latvians celebrate one of the most fun folk festivals.

Прикольні смс-привітання з Масляною

The last week before lent symbolizes the farewell to the harsh winter, frost and snow, and pancakes, and all kinds of refreshments round the sun, calling the arrival of spring and summer. Instead of pancakes, if your loved ones are far away or in addition to them, send your family and friends warm greetings, reports Rus.Media.


At the table let family get,

The feast is amazing —

In life happiness and dreams come true!

The carnival brings joy!


I wish happiness, without a doubt,

At the carnival of sorrows not know,

And fulfillment of any desires,

Pancakes and loved ones to buy!


You’re at the carnival eating,

You’re on pancake day drink —

You let any thing,

In General, from the soul Balde!


Let the oil fire along with the effigy of winter burns all your hardships, grief and sorrow!

We wish you a fun, happy and full of carnival!


You carnival congratulations!

Fun to be her wish!

Pancakes with butter overeat,

And razgulina enjoy!


Relatives, friends treat,

Resentment people all goodbye.

Wish these days not to be angry,

To be kind, to have more fun.


With carnival congratulations!

Happiness and good wish!

Be always as delicious pancake —

Whole, fresh, hot, darling!


Mardi Gras came to us,

The joy of the people brought,

Well, we’ll come with pancakes,

To celebrate the holiday together with you!

Прикольні смс-привітання з Масляною

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