Future smartphones Huawei will be able to charge for half an hour

Майбутні смартфони Huawei зможуть заряджатися за півгодини

Soon smartphone manufacturers will compete in the speed of charging
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As we said earlier, it’s not an emergency the autonomy of the gadgets manufacturers are trying to compensate for full speed charging. It is, apparently, the new race between brands.

Less than a month ago, has debuted a luxury smartphone Oppo Find X Automobili Lamborghini Edition, which, thanks to a 50-Watt charger charges my 3400 mAh for a record 35 minutes. It seems that soon the smartphone charging with such high capacity will become the norm.

In the database of the Chinese regulator 3C (China Quality Certification Center) was seen high-power charger the Chinese manufacturer.

In the certification documents, the charge passes under the designation HW-100400C00. Also the corresponding entry in the base of the controller allows to learn the key features of the new charger Huawei. As you can see, the unit supports maximum charging power of 40 W (a voltage of 10 V at a current of 4 A). This is almost twice the power of a standard charger (22 watts) that comes with the latest flagship smartphones Huawei series P20.

Майбутні смартфони Huawei зможуть заряджатися за півгодини

The smartphone can be recharged in half an hour / gsmarena

It is not excluded that the upcoming flagship smartphone Mate 20 will support a 40-Watt charging. It is expected that the new standard will reduce the time for full charging of the gadget to 30 minutes.

Recall that the Huawei Honor Magic, which came out in 2016, support fast charging mode 5V/8A, which allowed to fully charge in 45 minutes.

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