Gaitana spoke about his African father

Гайтана рассказала о своем африканском отце

Ukrainian singer Gaitana spoke about his relationship with his father, who lives in the Congo. About it writes “24 channel”.

Singer Gaitana, who devoted his time to his family and little daughter Sapphire-Nicole said that the example of the strong family she took from his father’s family.

Gaitan married the sound producer Alex Smart and bore him a daughter called Sapphire-Nicole. All the time, the singer dedicates to the family and claims to be very happy.

According to her, the singer’s father Claver Essays, always taught her daughter that a man should be responsible, serious, caring, and to provide for his wife. And the woman must be with such a man happy, calm and lots of rest.

Gaitana spoke about how her father takes care of his second wife. He built a house and started a business to a spouse, in the event of his death, nothing needed.

“When they got married, dad started building a house for his wife on the ground of her parents and opened a beauty salon, so that if something happens to him, well she lived. Father always buys her the best clothes, takes her to nice places, always waiting patiently if it is a busy, warm hugs and says a lot of good words. He is respectful to his wife, does not get tired to admire and to thank her,” said the singer.

According to Gaytan, the father, along with his wife very much value the relationship and are afraid to lose what they have. They call each other “king” and “Queen”.

The singer says that such family relationships are ideal.

“Because men do not respect the promises, words, and deeds, actions and attitude to his wife. Oh, how they look at each other, and it’s more than love in words”, — said the singer.

Gaitana parents divorced when she was only 6 years old. The father remained to live in the Congo, and the mother took the Gaitan in Ukraine.

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