Gala concert of Muscovites gathered on Poklonnaya hill

PHOTO : MIR / Irina Fomochkina


Many Muscovites and guests of the Russian capital went to celebrate the feast on Poklonnaya hill. Now there is a concert which did not stop even heavy rain. This convinced the correspondent channel “WORLD 24” Anna Purpura.

On Poklonnaya hill, the clouds disperse. A few hours ago, a storm broke with torrential rain, but the actors continued to sing with the accompaniment of thunder.

The concert is now. They sing war songs that everyone knows by heart. People lay flowers at the monuments to war heroes. Inclement weather is not terrible. After all, what is the rain compared to the feat that made the heroes of the great Patriotic war.

Even if it is raining, still remain and will continue to celebrate the Victory”, – said the guests.

On Poklonnaya hill holiday give and the staff of the TV company “Mir”. Playground everyone can play the game and pull out a gift – Packed lunch. The action “memory of the heart” will continue tomorrow, on the waterfront of Gorky Park. There will be tell everyone about the heroism of their loved ones in the war.

In the evening on a grief Poklonnoj becomes more crowded, because at 22.00 here in the sky will fly with a salute. It will be a groundbreaking ten-minute spectacle – ten thousand rounds of the 72 lettuce plants.