Galina Sergeevna from “Daddy’s girls” showed a man dreams of

Lisa Arzamasova showed the man in the dream.

Галина Сергіївна з серіалу «Татусеві дочки» показала чоловіка мрії

Galina from the popular series “father’s daughter” just remember all, reports Rus.Media. That’s just Liza Arzamasova is not the schoolgirl and, of course, draws attention to the representatives of the stronger sex. She decided to pointright and showed papinian your Instagram man dreams. However, in fact, it was the usual wooden figure. But the star is so accurately described in its quality, that now we know what kind of boyfriend wants actress:

“It is durable, stable, and bright. With a deep Foundation and iron nerves. Looks easy, but weighs a lot. Man of few words. Reliable. Look insightful. A slight smile constantly encouraging me. Stands firmly on his feet, and behind him you can really hide.”

Also, she asked the fans how they evaluate the man of her dreams. They shy did not:

“Like, strong and beautiful. And most importantly – not going anywhere”, “Perfect choice – reliable and stable. Even a little bit jealous of you.”

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