Gallagher cold to the idea of a relaunch in July

Gallagher froid à l’idée d’une relance en juillet

Brendan Gallagher has the ” A ” on his sweater, but he played very often the role of the captain of the media team. After a victory or a defeat, he waits for the journalists in front of his locker.

Like Josh Gorges in the past, Gallagher always has an interesting analysis of his / her sport or its issues. The number 11 has brought a bell sound interesting on one of the scenarios studied by the NHL for a return to the game in July in four target cities where there are teams in the circuit and that would not be a hot spot during the pandemic COVID-19.

“For this scenario to materialize, it is necessary to understand that all hockey played after the 1st July will have to be approved by the Association of NHL players, recalled Gallagher. These rumors have nothing to do with us. I guess it comes from the owners. From our side, we haven’t really talked about it. There is no substance there. “

“From our side, it always comes back to the same thing and that is to win,” he continued. If it interferes with our chances to win next year, I’d rather continue to prepare myself for the next season. It is always a little selfish. Players who have a chance to win will want that to continue. It will be up to the players ‘ Association to manage it. The teams not think all the same way either. “

To crown a champion

To drive away the time during this confinement period, Gallagher regularly talk soccer with Artturi Lehkonen and Tomas Tatar, it also meets with his captain, Shea Weber, but it is to be Paul Byron as he speaks the most often. And Byron can pass on good information, in its role as representative of the CH with the players Association.

During the conference call, Gallagher was asked if he would dare to bet on the return of hockey in July.

“I can’t say with certainty, he replied. It will depend on a lot of medical professionals and cities to end the season. The NHL will need the approval of the mayors of the cities. To my eyes, Gary Bettman will try to do everything to have the game of hockey. It will have to meet our requests. If I had to bet, I would say the following thing : in my opinion, there will be some form of series. I believe that the Stanley cup will be awarded. It is simply my prediction. We, in our team, Max Domi is diabetic, so he must not be reckless. “

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