“Game of thrones” last season: “All the episodes will be monumental”, promises the interpreter of Sam Tarly

John Bradley (Sam Tarly) and Jim Broadbent in “Game of Thrones” — © HBO

The actors of Game of thrones know how to turn up the pressure. While the ultimate season will not be released before 2019, each one goes on his little comment to make you drool for the fans. This is the case of John Bradley, the executor of Sam Tarly, who has made the promise of a season is monumental.

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The Six “episodes 9”

“We have met this year, a team of filmmakers incredible. These are the ones to whom we owe some of our greatest episodes “, he entrusted the site to the Huffington Post, reports
Premiere. “Miguel [Sapochnik], and David [Nutter] has done the episodes the more crazy of the previous seasons. Clearly, the six episodes remaining in season 8, will be monumental. There is a need for people to be able to assume such a magnitude and of such high stakes, behind the camera. “

In addition to be monumental, all the episodes will be all of the ” episodes 9 “. Quézaco ? “In the folklore of Game of Thrones, there has always been this thing of episode 9, every season,” says John Bradley, it was this episode dramatic events as they raged. Well we can say that there will be six episodes 9, in season 8 of Game of Thrones ! “

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