Games for companies, that is not boring

Ahead we have long holidays, many will relax or travel in the company of friends.

 Ігри для компаній, з якими не засумуєш

To make the stay more fun and exciting,we offer you some cool games to help laugh, once again to train your brain and learn about each other a lot. Special props they do not require, so go for it.


All participants come up with ten words, write them on pieces of paper and put in hat. And then the fun begins: the players for a limited amount of time trying to explain, show or draw random words for them, and all the others try to guess them. The most successful get victory points, fame, glory and medal round neck.


Everyone sits in a circle, and somebody says something in the ear of his neighbor any word that should instantly say in his ear following his first Association to the word, the second tells the third and so on up the chain until the word will not return to the first. If “elephant” you got “stripper” – consider the game failed.

Recognize me

Several people sit in a row. The facilitator must be blindfolded to the touch to read in the sitting of the hidden man. And guess it is possible for different parts of the body such as hand, feet, hair, depending on how far willing to go.




Frame from the TV series “the big Bang Theory»

Of flat wooden sticks to build the tower, and at each level alternates the stacking direction. Then the players take turns to carefully pull out one block and place it on top of the tower. All this must be done very accurately, otherwise the tower will collapse. The player, as a result of actions of which the collapse occurred, it is considered defeated.



It is a popular game in which with the help of gestures, movements and facial expressions of the participants show the hidden word, and the other players try to guess who it is. Driving it is forbidden to utter any words or make sounds to use or point to the surrounding objects, show letters or parts of words. The lucky person who will guess what was going on, in the next round, he shows the word, but more.


Select one host, and all the rest become very close circle – literally shoulder to shoulder. Players ‘ hands should be behind. The essence of the game is to quietly from the lead to pass behind the cucumber and at every opportunity to bite him apart piece by piece. And the task of facilitator is to guess in whose hands is the cucumber. If the host guessed, then he caught the player becomes in its place. The game continues until, until I ate the cucumber. It’s great fun!


The presenter thinks of a word and calls the other players the first letter of the word. For example, the word conceived disaster – the first letter “K”. Each of the other players comes up with a word beginning with that letter, and trying to explain to others exactly what he has planned, without naming it. If someone of the players understood what the word intended for those who explained, he said “There is contact!”and both (explaining and responding) begin to count out loud to ten and then speak his word. If a word is matched, then the host calls the second letter of the word, and the game continues on, but now you need to invent and explain a word already given first letters. If the word is not matched, the players continue to try to invent and explain a new word.


Scene from the TV series “Sherlock»

Good old-fashioned detective fun. Danetka is a word game, confusing or strange history, where the presenter says, and the others have to reconstruct the sequence of events. You can ask questions only those that you can answer “Yes”, “No” or “Insignificant”, hence the name of the game. Here you can find the most interesting “puzzle”.


I never…

With this game you can get acquainted with the people. Chips of this game serve any objects such as coins, toothpicks, and so on. The game begins, the first participant says something that you’ve never done in my life (“I never…”). All the other players who have done it must give one chip to that player. The winner is the one at the end of the game in the hands of the largest number of chips.


The Keeper of secrets

Very exciting and extremely mozgovitsa game. The presenter proposed known phrase, slogan or quote. Refers to the number of words in it. The players then ask “guardian” any questions. Every answer must contain a word from the target phrase. The answer must fit in the same sentence. Analyzing the answers of the presenter, the players give their version of “secrets”.


The good old children’s game. Players going one any object, which are formed in the bag. One player is tied to the eye. Leading pulls things in turn, and the player with the blindfold comes up with an assignment for pulling things, the owner of which must carry it out. Jobs can be very different: to sing, to dance or to walk iron.

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