Games: play in single player mode

Jeux: jouer en mode solo

Even if you start to experience the déconfinement in Quebec from the greater Montreal area, of course, that doesn’t mean that you can start to socialize with friends.

If you like board games, there is no reason that it prevents you from doing your hobby fun.

There are many games that cater to solo players. Some are designed to be played alone, while others offer a mode in solo quite competent.

So there are games that will push you to do your best score, while others will force you to beat the mechanics of the game. In one case as in the other, there are some interesting challenges.


  • 1 player
  • 10 +years
  • Less than 30 minutes

The name of the game refers to Friday, the faithful ally of Robinson Crusoe. You play as that character and will help Robinson to face the different dangers that this island where it has failed.

The famous adventurer, is here represented by a deck of cards with a variety of roles. You need to improve the package in amassing new cards, which will allow the hero to have better chances of winning against two pirates ruthless, the last ramparts that separate victory and deliverance.

Friday will, therefore, help the good old Robinson to tame the island, while guiding them throughout the party.

As the game progresses, you will be able to help Robinson either by overcoming dangers, which will enable that you acquire new cards that will improve his combat skills. It will also be possible to lose deliberately against certain dangers in paying with the health points of the hero in order to remove undesirable cards in the game.

However, it will manage the aging Robinson, who is represented by the addition of cards that will soon be cumbersome.

The game features four difficulty levels, which allows you to repeat the experience. It is a simple experience where good management will make all the difference between success and failure.

Palm Island

  • 1-2 players
  • 10 +years
  • 15 minutes

The concept of Palm Island is really attractive. It is a little set of cards that you can carry around anywhere and which fits in a small plastic case that hangs around your neck.

The mechanics is clever since the game is played with only 17 cards, and that we focus on the transformation of this bunch of cards to progress in the game.

In the course of the eight rounds that lasts part, you will develop your island by storing resources, building new buildings and developing new skills.

Each card has four levels of improvement. You are going to make them do a rotation or the return on the other side.

Each of your decisions will change your island and round to the other and you will need to achieve objectives before the count of your points, at the end of the eight round.

The game, which is based on a mechanical solo can also be played with several people by combining more than one deck of cards. The one included in the game is enough for two players.

Then you can play in cooperative or competitive mode, the base game offering maps for both variants.

There is also an edition with plastic cards in order to really hang out anywhere.

The expedition lost

  • 1 to 5 players
  • 12 years +
  • 30 to 50 minutes

Wake up Indiana Jones in you and go in search of a mythical city, across an inhospitable jungle, where he must first survive.

The game has a certain element of narrative because the story of your expedition as it unfolds before you and you will also affect the course.

The jungle takes the form of cards that our group of three explorers must overcome to reach his ultimate goal.

The game takes place in rounds that are divided into days and nights. During the day, you will play cards from your hand and draw from the deck for six cards face up that will be reordered in ascending order as they are all numbered. You are going to deal with various threats, will need to choose resources to raise in addition to sometimes having the option of discarding cards, or to rearrange them.

As you go forward, your explorers will lose strength and you’re going to have to make decisions according to their capabilities. Are you going to let the health of all the world deteriorate, or will you eventually sacrifice one to allow the other two explorers to reach their goal ?

During the phase of night, the cards will be placed at each end rather than in ascending order. This is where you will be able to influence the unfolding of this portion of the sleeve.

Everything seems quite simple, but you will soon realize that it is far from easy to overcome the perils of nature is inhospitable.

We told you about here for the version with the solo, but it is also possible to play in cooperative mode, where everyone participates in the same shipment or still in the competitive mode, where two shipments are going to do the race to the lost city.

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