Games: quickly, well done

Jeux: vite fait, bien fait

There are days when you want to pull out a big game, the kind that will occupy us for a good part of the evening and who will ensure that it will widen the meninges deeply.

But there are other times when we will want a fun faster, which will consume in a few minutes.

There are many games that fall into this category, and are sure that we will find his pleasure without having to be sat for hours at the table or at the dinner party with the family such as this Team Murder Mystery Game.

Although some of them may develop a dependency, so that it comes to combine the parties because they are just fast.

It’s a bit like the version fun to eat the tv series to the string saying ” yet another episode “.

Sushi Go

  • 2 to 5 players
  • 8 years +
  • 15 minutes

When we talked about game that causes dependency, it is this one that we had in mind. Released a few years ago, but recently discovered, it has become a real obsession.

The players are a owner of a sushi restaurant and need to serve their clients according to the cards that end up in their hands. We apply the same principle to the treadmill that you see in some restaurants the sushi.

It is a game of draft, that is to say that all players begin the game with a number of cards given depending on the number of players, in play a face-up in front of them, and spend their packet to their neighbour to the left. It all takes place over three rounds and at the end, one makes the count.

It is important therefore to be attentive to the cards that your opponents play, and to those that you spend between hands. It takes a bit to count cards like Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man, but not that much either.

The ways to make points are awfully simple, and each card type has its own color, so that we found it very quickly.

For example, it is necessary to combine two batter to score five points, the sashimi will be worth 10 points for a trio of cards, the dumplings have a value that is tenfold that passes from one point to a card to 15 for five cards. There are also desserts that they put in the fridge until the end of the game. The player who has the most will score six points, and those who have the least will share a penalty of six points.

Now, you know how to play ! There is the version Sushi Go Party, only in English, but easy to understand. It allows you to add types of dishes, and determine with which the game will be played. It is also possible to play online for free on the site


  • 2 to 4 players
  • 7 years +
  • 45 minutes

From the outset, don’t rely on the game duration stated by the manufacturer. Players accustomed can easily complete a part two in fifteen minutes.

In Majesty, you are a king who has to develop his kingdom. This kingdom is represented by eight cards which range from the mill to the castle, passing by the tavern and the watch tower.

At the center of the table, you are always six cards face up and when it’s his turn, the player must take one out. The first will be free and if he wants to go fishing later, it will need to lay a meeple on each card that it will pass. Knowing that each player is limited to five meeples, it is necessary to choose well.

The cards are placed in the map of the building and everything is easy to capture thanks to iconography is simple and effective. Each building will save money, meeple, or to attack other players. The effects are cumulative, so that when one sets a card, if there are others in this building, it also earns the money and the meeples of these cards.

But be careful, the Barracks allows you to attack players who don’t have enough guards in their watchtower. They are going to have to send one of their cards to the clinic that the witch can heal, otherwise, each card in the dispensary in the end of the game will cost a point.

In the end of the game, you make points by making the square of the buildings constructed and then the majority for each of them. These amounts will be added to the money accumulated during the game. The richest will win.

8 Minutes for an empire

  • 2 to 5 players
  • 12 years +
  • 8 minutes

The name says it all, in eight minutes, the players are going to have to build an empire. The game board is quite small, but very functional. We must progressively install his armies and invade areas.

In his turn, the player must choose one of six cards available, and pay the costs from his treasury. Each card will allow him to perform an action, and to gather resources.

Among the possible actions, the player can place new armies, move on adjacent lands, or to allow certain armies to cross in a boat to conquer new horizons, to install a city, or destroy enemy armies.

The game takes place on a variable number of rounds from seven to five players up to 13 in a game with two opponents.

The regions and continents where the players are in majority will allow them to amass victory points by the end of the game as the series of resources collected along the way.

It plays quickly and with great fluidity.

There is a more complete version called 18 minutes for an empire.

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