Gang-related Democrats and Republicans in the US, just tearing Ukraine apart

Банды, связанные с демократами и республиканцами в США, просто рвут Украину на части

Executive Director of “Naftogaz of Ukraine” Andrey Favorov said Federal prosecutors in new York that businessmen Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman associated with the personal lawyer of the President of the USA Rudy Giuliani, tried to recruit him to replace General Director of “Naftogaz” and capture the national oil company. About this newspaper The Wall Street Journal , citing sources.

In particular, it is specified that said voluntarily met this week with Federal prosecutors in new York as part of an investigation of the actions of Giuliani and his two business partners — Parnassus and Romana. Last month prosecutors arrested the two on charges of fraud provided by the Federal election Commission data on donations to political Fund that supported Republican candidates.

In one of his first interviews after meeting with the Prosecutor’s office said told about the efforts of Froman and Parnassus to enlist his help in an attempt to overthrow General Director of “Naftogaz” Andrew Kobolyev. According to the WSJ, colleagues Giuliani wanted to establish control over Naftogaz and assign Favorova for the post of head of the company.

“I obviously immediately rejected this proposal.

This was my first experience, when two businessmen who are not politicians, and discussed with me issues that should be part of U.S. foreign policy,” said Executive Director of “Naftogaz” in an interview with CNN.

According to Favorov, Parnassus and Furman during the March meeting on the sidelines of an energy conference in Houston he hinted at “political connections” and that they “have the opportunity to discuss the policy of Ukraine with senior members of the current administration of the us President”.

It is noted that the businessmen had told him about his “close relationship” with President trump and Giuliani, showing a top Manager of Naftogaz your photos with the President and his personal lawyer.

Favorov said the WSJ, which immediately reported the conversation with two American entrepreneurs to your supervisor, the head of “Naftogaz” KOBOLEV. He also told CNN that he did not know whether Parnas and Truman the attitude to retirement at the personal request of the President trump the American Ambassador in Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch.

At the March meeting was also attended by influential Republican circles, American businessman Harry Sargeant III. Favorov said that he talked to them about global natural gas markets, but Sargent was not present during the discussion on Jovanovic and the leadership of “Naftogaz” to Parnassus and Romanom. The press Secretary told WSJ that the businessman did not participate in any discussions about removal of the members or managers of the Board of Directors of “Naftogaz” or the Ambassador of the United States. States that Sargent has nothing to do with Romanom or Parnassus business interests.

According to the testimony given in the course of the impeachment trump last month, people associated with Giuliani earlier this year tried to disrupt the work of the Board of Directors of “Naftogaz”.

A former employee of the national security Council and Advisor to the President of the trump Fiona hill said that in may, met with the member of the Board of “Naftogaz”, according to which “for the officials of the company were under huge pressure”.

About the March meeting Favorova with Parnassus and Romanom during the CERAWeek energy conference in October, told the Associated Press. According to sources, the Agency, American businessmen promoted the idea of replacing the CEO of “Naftogaz” KOBOLEV by Favoravel. Plans to create a “friendly team” at the head of the company, wrote the AP, have also been implicated Minister of energy of the USA Rick Perry.

Банды, связанные с демократами и республиканцами в США, просто рвут Украину на части


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