Gang wars or clean in the case Boronenkov. In Kharkov killed “Tyson” and shot “Zhora”. Three versions

Бандитские войны или зачистка по делу Вороненкова. За что в Харькове убили "Тайсона" и стреляли в "Жору". Три версии

Today Harikae there was a bloody crime drama. During the shooting, in broad daylight, killed the assistant of the authority of Georgy Isakov’s “Tyson” – he’s Vladimir Borokh.

Isakov – aka “George” – was shot in the chest.

Later at the station was blown up with a grenade the alleged killer Alexey Titov.

“Country” leads the main versions of what happened in the center of Kharkov tonight.

Gunfire and explosion

Around noon on Klochkovskaya street skirmish. It happened in the Parking lot of a supermarket “Delight”.

Was fatally injured Tyson Borokh, pierced the chest and Georgy Isakov. Them in the Parking lot waiting for the killer.

Found it already at South station, where at attempt of detention he was killed by a grenade.

More a chronicle of the dismantling of “Country” was considered in the material of the Bloody Western in Kharkov. How about “Rapture” killed “Tyson”, and the killer ripped a grenade.

At the moment we can speak about three basic versions of what happened.

Version 1. Trace “Umki”

It is obvious that just occurred dismantling of criminal elements. Question – who with whom.

According to one version, which is “the Country” told the police, recently, the “Jora” became close friends with the crime boss, who came into the Dnieper from the Crimea – Vladimir Shegolkov named “Aryan”. Aryan was a former supervisor in the Dnieper jail.

Criminal group “Aryans” in conflict with the clan of the Dnieper kingpin named “Umka” – Sergey Oleynik.

And, it is possible that the killing was the result of this confrontation.

Although sources in the criminal environment they say “the Country” that direct contradictions between Umkoy and “Zhora” was not.

Version 2. Trail of murder Boronenkov

I wonder what killed Vladimir Borokh was a witness in the murder of the Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation Denis Boronenkov, which took place in Kiev.

In 2017, he was detained together with Alexander Moose, a suspect in the murder. However, then released.

Moose is one of two “live” defendants Boronenkov, which is in the hands of the investigators. He is a close friend and relative “Tyson” – Vladimir Borka. With him, they sat together in detention for other criminal cases.

The prison with them was another suspect in the case Boronenkov – nationalist Yaroslav Levenets, who is now in hiding.

Borokh and Elk were released in 2016 – a year before the murder Boronenkov. After which they were again detained after the death of the Deputy. Only the “Tyson”, again, let go, and Moose is still kept in jail.

Kharkiv trace in the case Boronenkov, as he said the investigation stretches to Yuri Vasilenko – the local businessman, who was considered an intermediary between the alleged customer of murder – the Russian boss Vladimir Tyurin and direct participants in the crime (Elk, Levinson and killer Parchovymi).

However, the Elk pleaded not guilty. While he acknowledged that he was familiar with the journalist, but says he knew nothing about plans to murder Boronenkov.

Interestingly, Vasilenko and Elk just introduced “Tyson”. In this meet version as the investigation and protection of the Elk. But this, in fact, the visible part Boraha in history and Voronenkova ends. After meeting Vasilenko contact with the Elk directly.

That is why Boroka and was released without announcing the suspicion. And then the lawyers Elk count on him in terms of giving testimony to the innocence of his client.

On this basis, our sources in the police not very inclined to see the relationship between current crime and murder of the former Deputy of the state Duma.

On the other hand, it is possible that Borokh knew about the Affairs of his old friend Vasilenko and its link with violence Boronenkov, much more than it seems, and therefore could be perceived as an undesirable witness.

Moreover, in case there has been a new twist – the court has removed all suspicion from Turin. Previously, his involvement in the crime was to deny the widow Boronenkov and ex-wife Tyurina Maria Maksakova.

So in theory the “sweep” Boracha may make sense in the framework of removing the suspicion from the Russian authority.

But, again, our sources in the police believe this version is very tight in view of the fact that Borojo, as potential defendant, the police had already lost interest. And so I think more likely third version.

Version 3. Sweep “žilina”

Georgy Isakov, as well as Borokh, and ham, was a longtime associate of the leader of the Kharkiv organization “Oplot” Evgeny Zhilin.

Latest in 2014, actively supported the anti-Maidan, and therefore left the territory of Ukraine and settled in Moscow. However, people in Kharkiv remained and continued to influence the processes in the criminal environment.

But in the absence of their leader quickly handed over positions. And hunting them were long overdue. And in 2016 near Moscow was killed, and he Zhilin.

Therefore, the current crime may well be a part of this war of cleansing “oplotovets”, even exes.

In particular, in the sphere of agrarian business (raiding which hunted and “oplotovtsy”). Moreover, in anticipation of the opening of the land market, it becomes all the more dangerous criminal.

Sources in law enforcement bodies do not exclude the connection with the murder by assassination of Vladislav Bezrukov – Kharkiv businessman, nicknamed “the Mammoth”, which also participated in the “battle for the harvest”.

Also, the “oplotovets” a few years is war, as already wrote “Country”, with Vadim and Kazartsev (aka Prince) and Vladimir Manukian.

In General, many whom are former colleagues of Zilina recently fought.Kirill Malyshev, Alexander Sibirtsev

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