Gas issue: no discounts in his hands, and arbitration in the sky

Газовый вопрос: не скидки в руках, а арбитраж в небе

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“Naftogaz of Ukraine” refused to compromise with klyatyh Muscovites.

“Gazprom” has offered a mutual waiver of arbitration claims and selling gas directly, without formal intermediation Slovakia, which will reduce the price by a quarter. Naftogaz responded that it claims to “Gazprom” corresponds to the gain in the price of supplies over a quarter of a century: either Gazprom will provide a discount, or the claims will remain.

Openly remind: while the court is satisfied one suit of “Gazprom” and “Naftogaz”. Balance — two and a half billion dollars in favor of “Naftogaz”. But the decision of the Stockholm arbitration adopted not just for purely political reasons, but also with gross procedural violations. It challenged and, most likely, will be cancelled.

I wonder, do the leaders of “Naftogaz” multimillion-dollar bonuses paid myself loved this arbitration Peremoga, oborachivaemost another zradoyu?

But the thing is that money is imaginary pumping Russian gas to Slovakia and back are divided between “Naftogaz” and its Slovak partners. This income leaders goes from the pocket of the average consumer: for citizens of Ukraine gas price increased by 14%. Who voluntarily withdraws from a trough?

“Naftogaz of Ukraine” believes that its bargaining position is strong: the agreement on the transit ends in a month or two before the release of the second phase of “Nord stream” design capacity. “Naftogaz of Ukraine” does not want to renew the contract for a year, and hopes that the European Union will force Gazprom to sign a new contract at least ten years, and on conditions of “Naftogaz”.

But the EU, knowing with whom he was dealing, pre-filled their storage facilities until it stops and that will survive the winter. But Ukraine without a transit flow just will not be able to use its transportation system. Winter seems to be cold. The leaders of “Naftogaz” it will probably survive. But for other citizens of Ukraine are afraid.Anatoly Wasserman

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