Gastronomy: the best kebab in Lyon … with duck confit!

    Gastronomy: the best kebab in Lyon … with duck confit!

    Didn’t you expect it? You never even thought about it? And yet! French gastronomy has no limits for these graduates of the Paul Bocuse Institute who launched their duck confit kebab.

    A juicy recipe

    In a pita bread signed Antonio and Marco Morreale, the Ephemera team, Loris, Annaïg and Jade have brilliantly assembled healthy and local products: duck legs confit, caramelized onions, butternut and carrots, duck juice with orange and homemade mayonnaise. The mixture seems surprising for a kebab, but Lyon is not the capital of gastronomy for nothing! The famous kebab 2.0, made in Lyon, is served with roasted sweet potato with honey and herb yogurt. Not to mention the homemade peach tea to refresh you while enjoying this revisited Lyon classic.

    An innovative concept

    Ephemera is constantly in theinnovation to delight your culinary taste buds. The concept of the restaurant is simple: offer a product for a limited time and exclusively. It would therefore not be surprising to see the arrival in the coming months of praline dumplings and their lobster brioche at St. Marcellin.

    In the meantime, the restaurant is already planning a huge Asian brunch (photo below) for the end of January. So don’t delay and let yourself be tempted by this kebab with duck confit, for only 15 euros, on site or to take away !

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