Gathering: many will not be able to pay the fine

Rassemblement: plusieurs ne pourront pas payer l'amende

The president of SOS Ticket, Thierry Rassam, is expected that multiple offenders could not pay the fine of 1546 $ for non-compliance with public health rules.

Since the month of march, more than 5000 statements of offence were issued by police for non-compliance with public health rules regarding the distancing or social gatherings.

How many offenders will be able to pay such an amount while many benefit from the Provision of canadian emergency (PKU)?

The cost of the fine is $ 1,000, to which was added 296 $ fee and a $ 250 contribution, for a total of 1546 $. People have 30 days to pay, which seems rather short when the income were decreased or disappeared.

The lower courts could therefore hear some of the challenges in the coming months.

A lot of calls

“We have received a lot of calls and we expect to have more and more. To help, we have taken a number of cases, in particular when there seemed to be clear of exaggeration and the abuse of the application of the law,” says the president of SOS Ticket, Thierry Rassam.

Young adults who are partying in an apartment, an elderly couple who eats together at the inside, or the homeless, who do not comply with the rules of distancing physical, the context of each intervention may be different.

A recent survey by Leger revealed that Quebecers have better complied with the rules than elsewhere in Canada.


The finding of a violation would it not have had more impact at lower cost? The answer is not so simple. The firm initially specialized in records related to the highway safety Code.

“It is very expensive. There are not so many people who have the means to pay. If it is challenged, I’m curious to see how the courts will react,” says the lawyer.

In April, the canadian civil liberties Association (CCLA) has even asked for amnesty for all these tickets.


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