Gavage in series

In April, arrives in the second season of the comedy squeaky “adulthood”.

Wait one week to another in order to discover the fate of his characters, fetishes and does not suit everyone. This is why digital platforms are the best friends téléphiles gourmands who prefer gorging greedily rather than to take small bites of their favorite series and news.


About the series chokos, after a few years of absence, En audition avec Simon (27 February) is back on Written and directed by Simon-Olivier Fecteau, this series puts in scene Fecteau, in a version that is unpleasant to himself, and his henchman that he does not hesitate to scolded, Étienne De Passillé. Both are auditions “malaisantes” to various artists, including Guylaine Tremblay, Marc Labrèche and Antoine Olivier Pilon.


Family stories

She is also back after a few years, the series Female/Female (14 February), Chloé Robichaud (Sarah prefers the race), promises an incursion realistic but not devoid of humour in the daily life of a band of friends for lesbian and bisexual women. They include Eve Duranceau, Noémie Yelle and Kimberly Laferrière, the treacherous Natacha of..

The series “Female/Feminine”, a band of friends for lesbian and bisexual women.

In April, arrives in the second season of The adultseries written by Guillaume Lambert and directed by Guillaume Lonergan (in replacement of François Jaros). While Tom (Lambert) and Virginia (Geneviève Boivin-Roussy) discover the ups and downs of being parents, the father of Tom (Richard Frechette) reconnects with his childhood sweetheart (Marie-Aimée Cadet). Turbulence to be expected in this irresistible comedy squeaky crowned with the Olive of the best Web series comedy of the year.


On the side of Vé, we’re all looking forward to the spring of the second season Too, Marie-Andrée Labbé, one of the surprises of 2017. What future awaits the sisters Anaïs (Virginia Fortin) and Isabelle (Évelyne Rompré), who postpone the move of the first ? Louise Archambault (Gabrielle), and Chloé Robichaud, ensure the staging of this world-tender, light, but not always relaxing. Featuring Jean-Philippe Perras, the infamous Raphael of The blue hour, in the role of a father of three children who find themselves in the unemployment, Papa epic pique our curiosity. A series of the author André Gulluni and producer Yannick Savard to discover in April.


Of the action to resell


In Club Illico, it appears the big guns. Since 11 January, the audience can connect with Karine Vanasse and Eric Bruneau in the Blue Moon, Luc Dionne (District 31), with the third season, directed by Rafaël Ouellet (Fatal-Station), addresses the issue of the diversion of our water to the United States. David Lahaye embodies a new character that seems disturbing and frightening as hell… More than ever, the life of Justine’s (Vanasse) seems to be in danger.


In the spring, Patrice Robitaille Julie LeBreton resume service in the police series Victor Lessard, directed by Patrice Sauvé based on the novels of Martin Michaud. While the first season inspired the likes of I remember, this second season takes its source in Violence to the original. We will exploit further the relationship between Lessard and his colleague, Jacinthe Taillon, the same as the personality of the commander Tanguay (Paul Doucet).

The Netflix option

True to form, the digital platform Netflix offers more than the customer demand. Among its offers, the most tempting include the French series Glossy (already online), with Charles Berling, which transports us in the Pyrenees on the trail of a serial killer, and the serial German Babylon Berlin (30 January), Tom Tykwer (Course Lola course) is one of the creators, and that brings to life the early years of the Weimar republic. On the u.s. side, we will look at Altered Carbon (2 February), where a soldier (the Swedish actor Joel Kinnaman) back to life in another body the centuries after his death, and Seven Seconds (23 February), with Claire-Hope Ashitey, who operates a hot topic, that of the tensions between white police officers and black citizens.

Photo: a scene from the series German “Babylon Berlin”

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