“Gazprom” has estimated the possibility of introducing by Ukraine of the EU regulations on gas this year

"Газпром" оценил возможность введения Украиной норм ЕС по газу в этом году

© RIA Novosti / Eugene biyatov“Gazprom” yet does not understand, have time to introduce in its legislation the European norm on gas this year, said Deputy Chairman of the management Board Elena Burmistrova during the Eurasian economic forum.”At the moment not all the conditions for the introduction of the Third energy package implemented on the territory of Ukraine… and yet we do not understand the will or our colleagues do not have time”, – said Burmistrov.Russia, Ukraine and the European Commission conduct tripartite consultations on gas transit after 2019 when the current contracts end. Another round of consultations held on 19 September in Brussels.
As reported by Minister of energy of Russia Alexander Novak, Ukraine proposes to January 1, 2020 to operate in accordance with European legislation, promising to have time to implement it. Russia, according to Novak, is not abandoning the idea, but wants to clearly understand that the Ukrainian colleagues will really be able in time to implement all the necessary activities.

Ukraine’s Parliament on Friday adopted in first reading a bill that should allow until the end of the year to complete the procedures for the establishment of an independent GTS operator by its separation from the structure of “Naftogaz of Ukraine “. This model meets the requirements of the EU Third energy package, which opens the way for the signing of a new transit agreement in accordance with the European regulations, believe in Kiev.”Gazprom” Ukraine expects the response to job offers after 2019

Gazprom expects Ukraine’s response to its proposals for the transit and supply of gas after 2019, said the Chairman of the management Board Elena Burmistrova during the Eurasian economic forum.”Last week, we made a number of statements “Gazprom” in the person of the Chairman of the Board Alexei Miller about the basic conditions that need to be performed and Ukrainian side and the Russian side to continue dialogue and to continue the transportation of gas and gas supplies with the Russian side on the territory of Ukraine. This position consisted of three main points: zeroing claims against each other; understanding Ukraine the volumes that it needed to buy its portfolio of produced quantities of Russian gas; and thirdly, by what right are we going to interact. European this right or any other right to… expect from our Ukrainian colleagues of the answers to these questions”, – said Burmistrov.

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