GAZZAEV: “It’s a shock! Why not test for doping, the US, Britain and Norway?”

ГАЗЗАЕВ: «Это шок! Почему не проверяют на допинг США, Британию и Норвегию?»

Russian football coach Valery Gazzaev, former coach of Kiev “Dynamo” commented the decision of WADA on the disqualification of Russia for 4 years for violating doping rules:

“I did not expect such a harsh and shocking decisions by WADA in relation to such a great sporting power! This has never happened in the history of the Olympic movement. I just have a question. We have restored RUSADA in 2018, developed together with WADA effective system of testing athletes. It was in 2018, the year emphasize. But today, the decision on the audit database of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory from 2012 to 2015. Where is the logic? This is nonsense! Why not check the other national federations – the United States, Norway, Britain?! If you decide to look at the database of the Russian athletes for 2012-2015, then check other countries! Where is selective and negative attitude to Russia? Decision WADA – political! I’ll tell you more. When the Committee asked WADA to the Moscow anti-doping laboratory, the Ministry of sport sent them the answers. WADA got all of that back in September, the Executive Committee meeting was scheduled for November 4. But for unknown reasons took it and moved the Executive Committee meeting on 9 December. The question is: why? Either not found, then no violation or interfered with by external factors. The Western media constantly escalate, officials also pressed. There were statements that Russia should be deprived of the right to participate in the Olympic games. But this is direct pressure on the Executive Committee! That’s what they wanted… After 4 November, no complaints at Russia was not. And here especially the British media began to form a negative image of our country. I think all this has affected… I think that the decision of WADA is a huge injustice. Athletes 4 years plowed, toiled, and they are deprived of the main event in his career. For what?! We are already at the last Olympics have experienced the pain and humiliation, when I went under a neutral flag. And now it is football can touch. The issue will be considered at the next meeting of FIFA. A very difficult situation. Sure, we must fight in all ways that only we have in stock. We need to fight for their honor, for their dignity. The possible suspension of the team from the world Cup in 2022? Judging by the decisions now taken, I have nothing surprised… you Know that FIFA will hold a separate meeting. Let’s see… I Emphasize, we have to fight! When last year RUSADA was restored, it was necessary to already form a powerful pool of officials, lawyers and journalists who regularly monitor the situation and would take care of each athlete. There was no need to calm down! And now it turns out that we can lose an entire generation of athletes… we RUSADA fells to sports officials. Is this correct? We need to consolidate our efforts, to fight to the very end. When WADA sees in Russia a Swan, cancer and pike, and then these decisions are taken”.

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