GBR: the reincarnation of the toilet

ГБР: реинкарнация унитаза

Just in time for the consideration of the Parliament new edition of the law on the State Bureau of investigation activated the first author’s “Telegram channel” “a Pipe burst”, which pretends to be anonymous. But everyone knows that he is funded by Petro Poroshenko. It is not necessary to strain to establish “anonymous owner”. “A pipe burst” is the only “Telegram channel” on the move, specializing in plums. On the icon “media Peter” emblazoned down the toilet, smeared with fresh shit.

When the phone plays, signaling that the next “release”, there is shit that was immediately associated with the former guarantor of the nation. And another trick: the hanging channel announced that it “zapoczatkowany” group of “true patriots of Ukraine.” Most likely, there was a list of patriots. Parubiy, Poroshenko, Ukraine, Goncharuk. But at the last moment the sysadmin managed to convince Poroshenko that it is necessary to preserve the “anonymity”. As a tough mission information scavengers forces me to read media excrement “fifth President”, you can share your insights. So you did not suffer with the advent of pictures with a crap toilet on your phone. It’s good that the ass did not put on display. But, without a doubt, you could.

First: the head office Bohdan and Director of RRT Pipe really do a lot in order to put Poroshenko. In any case, the audio selection assures exactly that. Well, at least someone is trying to pack “the fifth President”. Yeah, a lot they have not, there have been discussions about how best to “insert” because “Atlas shrugged”.
Second: stupidity, erected in the absolute, allows to clearly identify the interests of “the fifth President” in the field of pouring shit. It is actually the Roman Trumpet, Igor Kolomoisky and Arsen Avakov. How unexpected! If someone does not understand, it is sarcasm.

Three: cheer for team GBR, which really brings the “Churchill” to the stress and makes a fuss. Unfortunately, the dismissal of the Novel Pipe as Director of RRT is a question of a few weeks. Happy in the traditional “green” turbo mode adopted a new version of the law on the Bureau on the initiative, emphasize, President Zelensky. There generally was a very interesting layout. The RRG is working on NABOO, which, as we all know, and step no step without consultation with the U.S. Embassy in Kiev. And just before the adoption of the new edition of the law about the state Bureau Natsbyuro “sakvarelo” right hand Pipe Shcherbina on a bribe in 150 thousand dollars. Coincidence? No. Immediately Zelensky in his Facebook said the need to urgently restart the guidance of the Bureau, because “good intentions were not justified.”

The “reset” really began. In accordance with the new provisions of the law on the Bureau, introduced two major “innovations”. First, the Director appointed by the President on the proposal of the competition Committee. As I understand it covertly indicated by a bunch of “sorozat” and other grants-suckers. Secondly, the possibility of translation in the RRG without the competition of the investigators and prosecutors who for six years had pretended to be engaged in “square”. The powers of the Pipe since the signing of the law by the President be suspended.

What we get in the end? Actually fired the person who actually dealt with the problem of landing “the fifth President”. The Prosecutor General’s office pointedly eliminated from this question. Like Ryaboshapka filed a submission on the removal of immunity with Poroshenko, however, to procedural Committee of Parliament it never came.
Translation in RRG “Department of the GPU name of the Gorbatyuk” automatically turns the Bureau into a tool to “restore the dignity of the nation.” Well, it’s all the same what to include in the structure of the state Bureau the Institute of national remembrance Vyatrovich. By the way, if anyone remembers, viatrovych was Deputy Chairman of security service of Ukraine “on the Holodomor and the genocide.” And the Service was investigating the crimes of Stalin, Bukharin and Trotsky. Even, in my opinion, the verdict was passed. Can’t remember what.

Prospects for a criminal prosecution Poroshenko become very vague. Yes, let’s be honest: if, for example, the RRT will chair such a character as Trepak (real name, not nickname), before “the fifth President” and even apologize for the inconvenience. And all this takes place on the initiative (stress) Zelensky, which is pathetically said at the stadium Peter Alekseevich: “I am your judgment.” It’s all garbage in the light of current realities. Now Poroshenko is almost a partner Zelensky. It consultant joining NATO and the EU, and achieving “peace in the Donbass”. Here’s a…a minute, an interesting twist. We thought Zelensky similar to Goloborodko, and he, well, just exactly like Peter. Now the transmigration of souls. Although what I… What soul…

After a public “fraternization” pseudo-Goloborodko and pseudo-Churchill rating of “green” collapse another twenty points. It is clear that none of this neither cold nor hot. Although rather cold. But next winter, rates will drop. And there are suckers who believe it. “Crappy toilet” as a media character Peter wins.

Alexander Zubchenko
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