Gélinas-Beaulieu signed his best result in international

Antoine Gélinas-Beaulieu is spent in less than a second to win the first medal single of his career in the world Cup on Friday in Calgary. His fourth place achieved in front of his supporters in the 1500 m represents, nonetheless, his best result on the international scene.

The Quebecer finished at the foot of the podium with a time of 1 min 44,002 s, 0.76 second more than the American Joey Manti, who got the bronze. The Russian Denis Yuskov (1 min 43,234 s) and the Chinese Zhongyan Ning (1 min 43,262 s) have respectively got the gold and the silver.

However, this is not the personal record that made Gélinas-Beaulieu more happy after the competition. “The most exciting in it, is that I am quite comfortable and confident in my ability to perform, which makes it so that I can allow myself to play with my technique and have fun”, he confided.

According to him, the world Cups represent different opportunities for athletes to test points technical individuals in a situation of stress. In his case, everything is played on the number of steps taken on the straight lines.

“I had a strategy in mind and I did exactly what I had visualized. Usually, eight not allow me to be more relaxed and have more energy at the end. On the other side, with ten not, I have a better pace and good first laps. It was the time to try eight not and as a matter of fact, I had an excellent last lap,” explained the athlete, 27 years of age.

It is now hoped to know of the success to the world by adjusting his game plan. “The plan will be to make a combination of the two! I have a lot of fun to do what I do and I look forward to see what I’m going to be able to run next week at the world Championships.”

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