Gemini pay homage to the news

Gemini pay homage to the news

The Gemini Awards gala paid tribute to the artisans of information services who have also had a busy year.

At the end of a song punctuated by excerpts from news bulletins, the Grand Prix de l'Académie was awarded jointly to TV heads Sophie Thibault and Pierre Bruneau from TVA as well as Céline Galipeau and Patrice Roy from Radio-Canada.

“We do not pretend to have been an essential service like all workers in the health network are, but we are there with all the honesty of our reporters and all their rigor,” said Pierre Bruneau.

“There has been an extraordinary awareness, in recent years, and more and more human beings on the planet are saying no to violence, intimidation, injustices and that means that there is a little light through this darkness ”, for her part underlined Sophie Thibault.

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