Gender Discrimination: the case of female players in the united states against their federation postponed

Discrimination sexiste: le procès des joueuses américaines contre leur fédération repoussé

LOS ANGELES | The date of the trial for gender discrimination brought by the champions of the world by the united states against their national Federation of football, has been extended from 5 may to 16 June, according to an order of the judge of California responsible for the file.

Judge Gary Klausner has accessed Wednesday at the request of the two parties wishing to better prepare themselves, in the context of the pandemic rampant coronavirus.

For the past three weeks, the governor of California Gavin Newsom has ordered the containment throughout the State in order to slow the spread of the COVID-19.

Mr. Klausner has also postponed a pre-trial conference scheduled for 20 April to 1 June.

The players of the U.s. team, led by featured activist Megan Rapinoe, decided last year to sue their federation, which they accuse of wage discrimination based on sex. They are demanding $ 66 million in arrears of wages under the equal pay and civil rights act.

The complainants assert that they have not been paid fairly in comparison to players of the men’s national team.

This contested the proceeding, which has aroused the indignation, arguing in a folder, presented at the beginning of march, that to be a member of the men’s national team required a higher level of skills, based on the speed and force, and bears a greater responsibility.

These words had caused an outcry among players, leaders and sponsors such as Coca-Cola, pushing the president of the Federation of Carlos Cordeiro to resign.

It has been replaced by the vice-chair Cindy Parlow Cone. Wishing to avoid the trial being held, she immediately made it so that to be removed these arguments, in a new folder that is filed with the court ten days ago.

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