General family strike: educators still at the negotiating table

General strike in a family setting: educators still at the negotiating table

Nearly a week after the start of the indefinite general strike in family day care centers, the Federation of Early Childhood Workers of Quebec hopes to reach an agreement with the government at the end of the week.

The president of the union, Valérie Grenon, in particular called on the Minister for the Status of Women, Isabelle Charest, and the President of the Treasury Board, Sonia LeBel, to take a closer look at the file, seeing it as a feminist issue.

“We do not accept the rhetoric that we deserve less pay since we work from home with children. We have to get out of the logic that careers in the field of care will always be underpaid since women have chosen to occupy them, ”Ms. Grenon said in a press release.

In negotiation with a mediator, the Federation declined the latest proposals from the Ministry of the Family concerning the issue of remuneration.

In June 2020, the government proposed an hourly rate of $ 12.83, which was refused overwhelmingly by members of the union organization.

“The ball is in the ministry's court,” specified Valérie Grenon.

Before this indefinite general strike, those in charge of the 10,000 family day care centers had organized a rotating strike in all regions for two weeks to assert their demands.

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