General Hospital: an example to follow

General Hospital: un exemple à suivre

Some series manage better measures of distance than others. This is the case of General Hospital. The veteran soap american is doing so well that it allows us to consider a fall television quality when our fiction will take the antenna.

Income in waves last week, General Hospital is ahead of easily The Young and the Restless (the fires of love) and The Bold and the Beautiful” (Top models) of the top soap operas, the most successful turned into a pandemic. We speak of course of the container, that is to say, how its producers, directors and writers manage to make us forget — for the different schemes — that they have to deal with a thousand and one restrictions.

In all these series depicting the parallel universes that are free of COVID-19, the gap of two metres between each of the actors should go unnoticed. Otherwise, it is déconcentrant.

Staging more thoughtful

General Hospital supplant The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful for several reasons. His productions with the most thoughtful are certainly part of it.

While elsewhere, the actors seem to have been instructed to avoid any movement, those of General Hospital will enjoy a much wider freedom.

Of course, some sequences will adopt the model ” a character sitting behind his desk while the other remains standing in the face “, but on the whole, it is, frankly, less static. And when someone rings or knocks at the door, somebody goes there to open it. In The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful”, the word order gives the impression to be : Stay exactly where you are, and shout “Enter !” in the distance.

Illusions successful

Far from being lazy, the producers of General Hospital are using a variety of techniques to create the illusion of greater proximity between the actors. The depth of field includes.

Scenes with more than two characters are not uncommon.

In addition, they strive to always put two actors in (almost) every camera to ensure that they have the air to speak all alone… or to have recorded their lines separately.

Finally, we can guess that a few sleight-of-hand in the assembly have been employed.

Less strict rules

To watch episodes of General Hospital, we can guess one thing, however : their protocols into force are less stringent than those of other soaps.

The love scenes have been evacuated, but a few brief moments of physical approximation have been preserved.

One has only to compare the hospital scenes to realize it. In General Hospital, one can see a lover in tears to wait for her boyfriend wakes up from an operation, sitting glued to the bed. In the beginning of time, she is holding her hand (physical contact # 1) and a few minutes later, she kisses him gently on the forehead (physical contact, # 2). It is far of the love scenes steamy pre-COVID-19, but still.

In The Bold and the Beautiful, the patient is left to herself. We swear that she is suffering from a disease hyper contagious, so its visitors — and even his doctor — stay away from it.

Protocols less binding or not, the example General Hospital gave us a little hope for return, in September, of District 31, the Whole of life and company. It shows that we can deliver the goods in spite of measures of alienation that make it difficult to shoot.

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