General iranian killed in Iraq : an arrest warrant issued against Donald Trump

Général iranien tué en Irak : un mandat d'arrêt lancé contre Donald Trump

TEHRAN | Iran has launched an arrest warrant and called the issue a “red notice” with Interpol against the “36 people”, the us president Donald Trump, for their involvement in the assassination of a powerful general of iran in January in Baghdad, announced Monday the judicial Authority.

“Thirty-six persons among those who (…) have participated in the assassination of Hajj Ghassem (general Qassem Soleimani, editor’s NOTE), including political and military leaders of the United States and other governments, have been identified”, said the prosecutor general of Tehran, Ali Alqassi-Mehr.

“The judicial Authority has issued a warrant for the arrest and claimed a red notice to Interpol for these people,” he added, stating that they were wanted for “murder” and “terrorist action”.

Interpol has responded by saying to the AFP that, according to article 3 of its Constitution, the organization may not intervene in “political, military, religious or racial groups” and that it would consider any request of this nature, without, however, confirm explicitly have been asked by Iran.

“The head of the list is the american president Donald Trump, which will be continued even after the end of its mandate”, further stated Mr. Alqassi-Mehr, quoted by Mizan, the official agency of the judicial Authority.

The attorney general made the remarks at a meeting of the higher council of the judiciary chaired by the head of the iranian judicial system, Ebrahim Raïssi.

Qassem Soleimani, head of irgc-Qods Force provides –elite unit in charge of external operations of the Guardians of the Revolution, the ideological army of Iran– was killed on 3 January in a u.s. raid near Baghdad airport with his lieutenant, the Iraqi Abu Mehdi al-Muhandis, the leader of the paramilitary pro-Iran in this country.

Mr. Trump said the next day he ordered the elimination of Soleimani, adding that the general iranian was preparing attacks “imminent” against diplomats and the us military.

In retaliation, Iran launched on January 8 missiles against military bases in iraqi home of Americans, causing significant property damage, but no cause of death in the ranks of the american army, under Washington.


The red notice of Interpol, the organization of international police co-operation, is a request for arrest for extradition of persons sought following an arrest warrant or a judicial decision of the requesting country. It is not, strictly speaking, an international arrest warrant.

The tensions between the United States and the islamic Republic have increased considerably since Washington decided in may 2018, to denounce unilaterally the international agreement on the iranian nuclear (concluded in 2015) and to restore economic sanctions against Tehran.

The emissary u.s. to Iran, Brian Hook, has reacted to the announcement of Tehran during a press conference in Riyadh, in saudi Arabia, calling it “combines policy”.

“Interpol does not intervene and does not issue red notices based on (query) of a political nature”, he said. The solicitation iranian is a move that is “unrelated to the national security or international peace,” according to him.

“It is propaganda that nobody takes seriously, and puts the Iranians for idiots”, said Mr. Hook, who is currently on tour in the Gulf.

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