General protection: the CSTO countries will ensure the security of Tajikistan

PHOTO : “World 24”



Bishkek hosted a meeting of security Council secretaries of the CSTO countries. The security forces of the Commonwealth countries discussed drug trafficking and terrorist threats emanating in the direction of Tajikistan from Afghanistan.

During the discussion of the problem decided that the defense Ministry and the Russian security services will help in the modernization of the Tajik army and in strengthening the borders of the Republic, reports “WORLD 24”.

This is the only CSTO country which borders troubled Afghanistan. Other members of the Association will also be actively involved in this process.

“The main source of instability is Afghanistan, where the event occurs, eliminating a speedy settlement of the situation in Afghanistan and, as a consequence, on the Afghan border. At the same time there is a threat from the activities of terrorist and religious-extremist organizations”, – said the Secretary of security Council of Kyrgyzstan Damir Sagynbaev.

“This year, we reported the first “Mercenary”, the purpose and objectives of which was the prevention of the entry and exit of various kinds of militants from the regions of terrorist activity on the territory of our countries”, – said the acting General Secretary of CSTO Valery Semerikov.

We add that, according to the participants, such operations on the territory of the CSTO countries will become regular.