Gentle SMS-greetings beloved on Valentine’s Day

Congratulations mate with one of the most romantic holidays of the year – Valentine’s day.

Ніжні смс-вітання коханому з Днем Валентина

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Valentine’s day, St. Valentine’s day, I wish you a joyful victories. Be happy, cheerful and loved ones, forget all the hardships of the last years!

Today is a holiday. I love you so much! Can I sacrifice to bring: yourself, your favorite things to me, your life, all that is around me and I do not mind, because I know that the main thing not to lose you.

Valentine’s day can’t hold back the avalanche of the senses, open the secret gateway, and my love committed, passionate foams and rushes to the best in the Land, remarkable, you!

I believe in the magic of love, its mysterious power, and on Valentine’s Day you are sending your impulses.

Valentine’s day honors earth, the planet of love is crazy. And I’m wanting only you. My love, save me quickly!

Remember sometimes, if you want – always. But I know it’s always impossible. Leave in your heart a corner for me, if possible…

I want to love you, lips touch your lips, to the bottom want you to drink and never give up!

The noise ceases and the lights go out, Shine patterns on the glass. And the best joy I no than think about you.

If you’re beside me, the beautiful world around! You’re not just my lover, you’re my closest friend! I love you, my sweet!

The earth, the sky, the night is just a dream, love has wings, I’ll have you …

Let Valentine’s day will be the most that neither is the best day to confess your love to your loved one – that is me!

Every day I greet the dawn with only one thought of you and only one dream – to see you not in my dreams!

I don’t know the rhyme better than that the Feb as accurately as loudly … Like “I love you! “

Wish happiness to many, a piece of blue sky, and in it the coveted star: your love, your dream!

Not to kiss just so happy angel Tereshkova, Legkostupova and all the other Valentine and Valentine’s present.

My love, my welcome, I care about you immensely and I certainly want to be with you always. I like your smile I like your lips.

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Happy Valentine’s day, congratulations, my cat. You are wanted, you are loved, you’re my hero.

The old legend alive, and I believe that is undeniable. Such a fairy tale, we need to once a year on Valentine’s Day to confess my love to you. You are no better on the ground!

On Valentine’s day I confess: love you, hope for reciprocity. You tell me, really looking forward to.

I love you and I want – huge, clean as a tear, and that life was smiling at your happy eyes.

I’m sorry, but I’m gentle words find. I just want to say I love you!

Without you I can’t live without you I’m deprived of happiness, I can not love the other, I’m a prisoner of your spell, at your command!

I love you not because of who you are. And because of who I am when I’m with you …

If I had to eternity without you, I would choose a moment, but with you …

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