“Geopolitical revolution” will force US to forget about the dominance in Europe

"Геополитическая революция" вынудит США забыть про доминирование в Европе

Today is a real geopolitical revolution, because for the first time in 500 years, Western countries lose their global leadership, says expert at the Center for security studies of RAS Konstantin Blokhin. When a polycentric development model of the world will be fixed, the US will have to forget about the dominance in world politics, including in Europe.

Fatigue of Europe from the dominance of the United States

Before his visit to Belgrade, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in an interview with Serbian media said about being tired of the European countries from the American intentions to dominate Europe, including the Balkans. According to him, the ideas that come up in the offices of the White house and the state Department in Washington ultimately only lead to economic welfare of the United States. As an example, he cited the US attempts to impose on the Europeans to the purchase of their weapons and gas.

“From such ideas the only one hurt. Obsession of Washington to keep the lead and make the business literally by any means, in bad faith, which could be considered sanctions or trade duties, to the detriment of the United States itself. The Americans thus only worsen its relations with allies. America today is positioned as sverhekonomichny country that spit on their allies, trump is trying to make the country a “fortress”, accusing all the others trying to profit at the expense of the United States.

The concept of trump fundamentally contradicts all previous ideas of government and American elites, who built the world order since the end of world war II. They formed alliances and military-political alliances in Europe, Asia and the middle East, did the rate of economic interdependence, tied allies to yourself. Thanks to its partnership and Euro-Atlantic solidarity, the United States managed to occupy the leading positions. But now the situation is changing in the opposite direction,” – said the source BAFS “the Economy today”.

The leading role of the UN

We will remind that earlier Russian President Vladimir Putin in an appeal to world powers urged to jointly seek alternatives to confrontation in international Affairs, sanctions and trade wars. In his opinion, we need constructive solutions to pressing regional and global problems. The resolution of differences must occur in the framework of international law and international institutions, agrees associate Professor, MGIMO, political analyst Nikolai Topornin.

The United States is acting without regard to international norms, declaring readiness due to losses to change the international trading system, as it does not suit Washington. According to Ministry, in Washington felt the threat to its hegemony, its leading position in the economic sphere, and I want to stop the process, save the current position by the policy of “economic egoism”. The world needs to change towards a more equitable world order.

For this, the first thing you need to strive to return the UN lost its credibility, said Medvedev. The time of unipolar world is over. If until recently the considerable part of the world issues were solved at the “group of eight” (G8), today to consider the problems of the world in the format of “eight” it is impossible that does not depend on participation or non-participation in the format of Russia. As emphasized by the Russian Prime Minister, the Central role of the United Nations, the UN Security Council because it is the main, the leading international organization.

New centers of power and a multipolar world

“The G8 or G7 is the largest Western economies, although the objective the world today is not the West. Enough to take any report of the analytical center and see what’s in the middle of the 21st century in the top ten, there will be only three Western countries: the United States in third place and Germany with great Britain on the ninth-the tenth. All other States do not belong to the Western world – China, India, Russia, Brazil, Indonesia and so on.

“Seven” became the Western cabal, which objectively reflects the realities of the modern world order. States with its Western allies, especially Britain, trying in every way to belittle the UN, to reformat or to make an instrument of its policy. But if earlier, in the days of the bipolar world the UN worked like a Swiss watch, but now, when the world order is unbalanced, the organization has problems. Here the UN is only a mirror that reflects the realities of the contemporary world order” – adds Konstantin Blokhin.

Now that new centers of power must bear collective responsibility for regional and global security, while the attempt to impose the main hegemonic some universal rules of law, the scope and responsibilities are totally counterproductive. US feel that losing control over global political and economic processes, so trying to stop the trend by creating a controlled chaos in different regions of the world.

The problem is not in the UN, and world order, which is still not fully formed. When it is formed, and the role of the UN will be strengthened. As summed up Blokhin, today is a real geopolitical revolution for the first time in 500 years the West losing its leadership, and change these processes is hardly possible.

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