George Clooney was discharged from the hospital

Джордж Клуни выписан из больницы

Actor George Clooney was taken to hospital in Sardinia and released after being hit in a terrible accident while riding on his motorcycle, said officials of the hospital.

On Wednesday, July 11, according to Global News.

Representatives of the hospital John Paul II in Olbia said that 57-year-old actor was discharged on Tuesday. Local media who gathered at the hospital, said Clooney, it seems, came through the back door.

The accident involving George Clooney was recorded by a road surveillance camera. The lens came the moment of collision of the scooter, which went to actor, car brand Mercedes in Sardinia. Video of the incident was published by the Corriere della Sera.

The video can be seen as an actor on scooter crashes into car, takes off into the air and parechovirus falls. The severe injuries he managed to escape, as his head was a helmet, reports Nation News.

George Clooney in order to confirm the diagnosis, had MRI scans, but no serious damages it is not revealed.

According to the representative of the artist, “his injury is not too serious.” At the moment George has been discharged from hospital and, according to doctors, to get back to work.

In Sardinia, the actor is on duty — there are shooting a new film with his participation, the movie “catch-22” in the novel in 1961, the year should see the world in the next year. Together with George to Italy flew, his wife Amal and two small children.

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