George Martin revealed the first details of the future prequel to “Game of thrones”

Джордж Мартин раскрыл первые подробности будущего приквела «Игры престолов»

George Martin, author of novels series “a Song of ice and fire”, which formed the basis of the popular TV series “Game of thrones,” lifted the veil of secrecy of the new spin-off of who ordered HBO in anticipation of the completion of the main series.

In his blog, Martin wrote that the possible title of the spin-off of “Game of thrones” will be a “Long night” that, he believes, speaks for itself. The writer added that the series does not appear any one character from “Game of thrones”, and the action will take place over 10,000 years before the events of the favorite of the whole show.

Martin said that so far only ordered a pilot episode of future spin-offs, but in the future the contract can be concluded for the whole season. But if it goes Bang and the fans will accept the new product, the series may extend over several seasons. Previously HBO had planned five spin-offs of “Game of thrones”, but the projects are still under freezing.

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