George McPhee is learning French

George McPhee apprend le français

Leave forced due to the pandemic of COVID-19, the president of the Golden Knights Vegas George McPhee has intensified his efforts to learn French.

Born in Guelph, Ontario, the former director-general of the club of Nevada has indicated to the expert hockey network TVA Sports Louis Jean that he had always wished to be able to express themselves in the language of Molière.

“I have always found that it was a beautiful language and that I was missing something by not speaking, he confessed. I think that as a Canadian, it is my responsibility, I should be bilingual. If I don’t learn now, I’ll never do it. This is the time. In addition, there are plenty of online applications which are very useful.”

McPhee uses the virtual resources to get there, even if he admits that it would be preferable to be able to count on a person in his entourage to speed up the process.

“It’s a program a little interactive, but not much, he explained. This is not like to discuss it with French speakers. I try to develop a good base, which should help me when I am ready to discuss with the people.”

McPhee also discussed the importance of Quebec’s Marc-André Fleury and striker Jonathan Marchessault in this interview available on the website of TVA Sports.

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