Georgia hit rain and hail

PHOTO : “World 24”


Rain and hail fell upon Tbilisi, reports “WORLD 24”. Emergency service of the Georgian capital work in emergency mode.

The force of impact is most felt by residents of the suburbs. Flooded yards, porches and basements. Hail also damaged the roof of some houses. Rescuers help people to eliminate the consequences of the disaster.

Went under the water and East of the country. Due to the powerful rains flooded a local river Alazani. The water washed away roads and damaged bridges. Destroyed crops on dozens of acres. In some places the hail smote vineyards and orchards.

“Under water my crops of wheat. From the peach orchard there was nothing left. Getting there is impossible, the fields turned into lakes and there only by boat,” says local resident Levan Baidoshvili.

Heavy rain in Georgia, according to weather forecasts, will continue until Tuesday. In mountainous areas of possible landslides.