Georgia made the risky bet of a reopening in spite of the coronavirus

La Géorgie fait le pari risqué d’une réouverture malgré le coronavirus

The us State of Georgia on Friday, risky to re-open some of the shops despite the outbreak of coronavirus, under the leadership of its governor, a republican who has yet attracted the ire of Donald Trump.

Brian Kemp, a staunch supporter of the us president, has decided to reopen some shops, such as sports halls, bowling alleys, workshops, tattoo, hairdressing salons and beauty or manicure.

They will need to adhere to “basic rules” such as social distancing and limiting the number of customers, as well as safety measures for employees.

Cinemas and restaurants will open partially on Monday, in the framework of a plan in three phases, which should extend over several weeks.

Bars and nightclubs will remain closed and the order of the containment will be lifted on April 30, to midnight, said Thursday the governor on Twitter.

“We are happy, it had to happen,” says Clint, the owner of a bar-restaurant in the city centre, deserted at this time of containment.

“At a time, it is necessary to let the people be contaminated to develop antibodies,” said the manager of this establishment has survived by serving up cocktails-to-go.

“This is not for the bait of the gain, it is for the people who put all their savings into their business,” he explains to the AFP, while refusing to be identified to avoid reprisals.

Brian Kremp said Thursday, ” confident that the business leaders who decide to re-open will adhere to the “basic rules” that give priority to the health and well-being of employees and customers “.

He also announced an increase in the number of tests that are available and sites for specimens in this State of the south-east of the country.

“We must wait “

But with more than 21 500 cases positive for the coronavirus, and more than 870 deaths due to the disease of the COVID-19, other fustigent a decision too early and dangerous.

“We don’t intend to reopen Monday,” said the AFP Randy Adler, 58 years, owner of the restaurant Woman’s Midtown. “This is a decision irresponsible, which is just based on money rather than science “, lance-t-il.

To Michael, a Person, a real estate agent to 61 years of age, business leaders ” must take a conscious decision “.

“And a large number of them do, in deciding not to open it now, “he said, agreeing that” it is necessary to wait still a little.”

The parliamentary republican Doug Collins reproach, especially to Brian Kemp to forget the reality on the ground. “At home, in the north Atlanta area, hospitals are seeing a rapid increase in the number of positive cases “, he explained on Fox News.

Even Donald Trump, is a staunch supporter of reopening the faster of the economy, said he was in “profound disagreement” with the governor, believing that the businesses concerned were not part of the first phase of the plan prepared by the White House to relaunch the activity of the first power in the world.

“It is too early “, he explained Wednesday, while saying let Mr. Kemp free of its decision.

Donald Trump says they want to break the spiral of the crisis and the unemployment that afflicts more than 26 million Americans. And across the country, supporters of the déconfinement request to end the restrictions that have put to sleep the country.

According to the White House, 16 u.s. States have already unveiled stimulus plans for their economies, and several of them preceded the Georgia.

Texas, and Vermont have authorized a partial resumption of activities, and the South Carolina and Florida have reopened a stretch of coastline to the public.

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