Georgia paused: guides and hoteliers believe the loss of Russian tourists

PHOTO : Peter Korolev, MTRK “Mir”


Russian President Vladimir Putin has banned air travel to Georgia after the riots and anti-Russian slogans in Tbilisi. Georgian tour operators and hoteliers disheartened. On average, Russian tourists left in the country about 400 USD not including accommodation and airfare. On the prospects of the Georgian tourism business – the correspondent of “MIR 24” Mikhail Robakidze.

Historical center of Tbilisi – old Tbilisi. Here all along: small hotels, and attractions, sulphur baths, cafes and restaurants. You can walk 24 hours a day. Don’t need buses, taxis and especially subway.

After the riots in Tbilisi in the night of 20 to 21 June foreign visitors was less. In the first place – the Russians. Talking about it, everyone connected with the tourist industry. The driver of a water bus Shalva Tutberidze forecasts of experts, losses of the budget is not listening. As it is, he already felt in his wallet.

“Our walk started in the morning. There were queues. Rolled tourists until midnight. Now go half-empty. We believe every tourist. Even the prices slowed down,” said Shalva Tutberidze.

“We have 26 rooms. Now only half occupied, although we are in the center of the city and it’s the middle of the season,” said the Manager of a hotel Irakli Gvasalia

For Heraclius ‘ what’s the black strip started about a week ago. Then the tourists started to cancel the reservation. Moreover, for the entire season. Calls and SMS reporting new losses.

“Reservation cancel before the end of November. We work with several partners. The total losses, according to preliminary estimates, is 50 thousand dollars. For a small hotel it is a significant figure,” – stated Irakli Gvasalia.

“Tbilisi” – in the garden of the Queen of Tecla. In the Old town give a concert under the open sky. Two weeks ago the audience was three times more. Mainly tourists from Russia. Now they are in the minority.

“Georgia is a very spontaneous country-level some joy and playfulness. I just go out with me, crazy things happen,” – says a tourist from Russia spark Volgina.

However, what happened in the country last week, there is no optimism, no local, no hotel. And the events in Tbilisi turned into a outflow of tourists throughout the country. Empty beaches in Batumi and Kobuleti. Complain about the lack of tourists in Kakheti. Wine tours cancelled.