Georgia will get the powers of one of the chairs SE

Грузия получит полномочия одного из председателей СЕ

Georgia from 27 November will be the chair of the Council of Europe.

Georgia, who made their first steps on the road to the European family in 1999, becoming the 41-member Council of Europe from 27 November will be the first country-Chairman of this international organization currently 47 States.

“The main purpose of my visit is to prepare for presidency of Georgia in the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe, which will start from November 27,” said Council of Europe Secretary General Maria pejčinović-Baric Monday at a joint briefing with foreign Minister of Georgia David Zalkaliani.

According to the Secretary General of the COE, “all goes well” and Georgia is ready to fulfill this important obligation in the organization, the purpose of which is “maintaining unity of member States and to promote peace by establishing high standards of human rights, democracy and the rule of law.”

However, she noted that her first visit coincides with the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Council of Europe and the 20th anniversary of Georgia’s membership in this organization.

In connection with these dates, the national Bank of Georgia has released a special coin, which, along with the symbols of Georgia and the Council of Europe, are the words of the former Prime Minister of Georgia Zurab Zhvania: “I am Georgian and therefore I am European” that was spoken by a politician during the country’s accession to the Council of Europe.

During the visit in Tbilisi the COE Secretary General will be an official presentation of the action plan of the Council of Europe for Georgia for the years 2020-2023.

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