Georgia without Russian tragedy in Arys and the G20 in Osaka: program “Together” for 30 June

The main theme of the final programme Together with Ekaterina Abramova TV channel “MIR” on June 30.

  • Russian airlines from July 8 to July were forbidden to fly into Georgia after the riots and anti-Russian slogans in Tbilisi. Also the tour operators at the time of the ban on flights is not recommended to sell tickets from Russia to Georgia. All this is done for the security of Russian citizens. Georgian tour operators and hoteliers get discouraged, after all, every year Russians spend at local resorts for $ 300 million.
  • Japanese Osaka hosted the G20 summit. The “Big twenty” will go down in history as the summit bilateral meetings. Much more interesting was to follow the details of meetings between Putin and trump or trump and fellow of si. In General, the entourage G20 was more important than the content.
  • The Russian President from Osaka went to Irkutsk oblast. The situation with floods is very serious. In the region declared emergency mode. According to the latest data, five people were killed and several missing.
  • Emergency mode this week and announced in the Turkestan region in the South of Kazakhstan. For the first time in the history of the country authorities evacuated an entire city. The reason – a fire at a military warehouse. The tragedy has United the whole country. Thousands of residents of the Republic joined the action “ARIS. We are together”. Bring someone that can: food, clothing, money.
  • The Russian motorists waiting for a new life and new roads. With them in Russia is still in trouble. This said, even President Vladimir Putin at the state Council meeting. There’s also the head of state spoke about those who make money from the traffic fines. That year, drivers complain that the cameras are not put where it is dangerous, and where it is profitable.
  • In Russian universities is gaining momentum opening campaign. Students stormed the universities and institutes. Most likely the top scorers of the exam is the guys who passed each exam on one hundred points.
  • Minsk was held a European game. The winner of the competition was the Russian team, the hosts in second place in the team standings. But the main thing – not a reward, and emotions that are experienced not only athletes, but fans.
  • The main Communist of Russia Gennady Zyuganov – 75. Life began in the Soviet times. And the last quarter of a century, Gennady Zyuganov leads the Communist faction in the State Duma.
  • This week the world remembered the centenary of the Versailles Treaty. 28 June 1919 Germany signed a humiliating peace Treaty. As later wrote to Winston Churchill: “the Articles of the Treaty were evil and stupid to such an extent that it becomes clearly pointless… this dictates reflected the anger of the victorious powers”.