German scientists are going to develop deposits in space

Немецкие ученые собираются разрабатывать месторождения в космосе

Business Association BDI has called upon the German authorities will soon adopt a law of space and use of space resources.The Federal Association of German industry (BDI) urged the German authorities as soon as possible to prepare and adopt the draft policy in relation to space and mining in space. “If Germany wants to maintain and develop their key positions in the field of aviation and Astronautics, the Federal government should quickly implement the announced in the coalition agreement plan to adopt a law on space with a special Chapter on the development of the cosmic fields”, — stated in the programme document BDI, published on Tuesday, June 26, in Berlin.

As noted by the Association of Industrialists, mining in space mining is far in the future, but about 20 States have already adopted laws concerning the use of space. Among them major space powers, USA and Russia, but also Finland, Spain, France, Sweden, Australia, Japan, South Africa, Peru and Mongolia.

Countries without space laws fade into the background

“Country without a national space law such as Germany quickly be in the second echelon”, — is spoken further in the document. The lack of legal security hinders or even suppress in the Bud private initiatives for the development of spaceflight and mining space minerals, says the Association. Due to the lack of legislative acts on the legal responsibility and other matters investment in space technology flow to countries that have such laws.

The German industry has the necessary innovation and experience and can take the lead in creating the technology for space exploration, emphasize the representatives of the German industry.

Signed in March the coalition agreement between the conservative parties CDU/CSU and the social Democrats secured a commitment to develop legislation concerning space.

Deutsche Welle

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