Germans in shock: in Germany, migrants have developed a sex guide on seducing local women VIDEO

Немки в шоке: в Германии для мигрантов разработали секс-пособие по соблазнению местных женщин ВИДЕО

The Ministry of health of Germany has released a tutorial for newcomers on the topic of seducing European women. Handbook of migrant written in detail so that the female part of the population was terrified and revolted at the same time.

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Germany has made another step to infinite tolerance: right after the International women’s day, were published in the Internet encyclopedia of interracial intimacy. Manual written in simple and accessible language. “Virginity”, “breast”, “female sex organs”, “what under the skirt of Germans” – in closeup and in detail.

Illustrations in the manual so explicit that to show them uncut is not possible, reports REN TV. Also created a “group seminar” for those interested in a more detailed theoretical introduction.

Enterprising supporters of sex education immigrants organize for migrants paid courses of flirting. According to local media, the expense of rape in Germany in the beginning of the year is already in the hundreds, many of them end in murder. Despite this, authorities continue to go on about immigrants, and now encouraging “courses picking up German women”.

Giving the refugees all the doors, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is subjected to fierce criticism, particularly from their colleagues in the party that require it to name the figure limiting the admission of migrants into the country, as did Austria. “People come to Germany with fake documents or none at all, saying that they are refugees. We have no idea who they really are. Many Germans believe that we are sitting on a time bomb” – outraged residents.

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