CATACLYSM The tornado injured more than thirty people and caused extensive material damage in Paderborn, a city in the west of the country.

Germany: A tornado injured 30, 10 of them seriously in the west of the country

The tornado caused extensive material damage in the city of Paderborn, Germany. — LINO MIRGELER/DPA/AFP

More than thirty people were wounded, « including ten seriously » to Paderborn, a city in western Germany that was crossed by a « tornado », indicated on Friday a police spokesman at AFP.

The tornado also caused significant material damage in this medium-sized town in North Rhine-Westphalia, hit hard by the storm which is currently crossing Germany and which has been triggered by the storm. e after abnormally high temperatures for the season.

Roofs torn off and trees uprooted

The town of Lippstadt, in about thirty kilometers, was also probably hit by a tornado, according to a spokesperson for the fire department, without injuries being at risk. at this stage deplore.

The bad weather caused extensive damage in this region of western Germany, with law enforcement reporting countless roofs ripped off and trees uprooted.

#Tornado Schäden aus #paderborn. Der Tornado zog MITTEN durch die Stadt 😳#Unwetter
— Robert Boni 🇺🇦#climateActionNow 🇺🇦 (@RobertBoni6) May 20, 2022

Germany: A tornado injures 30 including 10 seriously in the west of the country

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Photos posted on social media also showed flipped cars. Rail traffic was heavily disrupted; and the police called the inhabitants at stay at home.

The German Weather Service has issued a storm warning for Friday, with gusty winds that could reach up to 1000 kilometres. 130 km/h in places. The bad weather hit the west of the country first and is expected to spread eastward later in the evening.