Germany does not want to abandon the nuclear potential of NATO

Германия не хочет отказываться от ядерного потенциала НАТО

Foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Maas spoke against the fact that Germany has unilaterally taken deployed nuclear Arsenal of the allies. About Maas stated in the Japanese city of Hiroshima, according to DW.

Maas said that makes no sense, if nuclear weapons just moving from one country to another. If it disappears, then it must vanish everywhere. With regard to nuclear disarmament, the Minister noted that this requires agreement on a wide basis and in individual countries.

At the moment Germany saves about 20 nuclear warheads of the United States. The German armed forces have standby jet planes “Tornado” to deploy them.

Recall that the German Minister arrived in Japan on the eve of the two-day summit of foreign Ministers of the countries “Big twenty”.

As previously reported by the edition “Comments”, the German foreign Ministry believes that the macron excited in his statement about NATO. Foreign Minister Haiko Maas expressed its position regarding the statements of the President of France Emmanuel Makron, who said that the North Atlantic Alliance – NATO is in a deep coma.

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