Germany showed a large-scale environmental problems

У Германии обнаружились масштабные проблемы с экологией

The highest EU Court has recognized that Germany is guilty in the failure of the program of reduction of nitrates in groundwater.

The highest Court of the European Union concluded that Germany has not taken sufficient measures to reduce high nitrates in groundwater, according to the EU directives. This means that the European Commission has the right to fine the state. According to some media we can talk about billions of euros, reports Infoindustriya.

Nitrate pollution is the result of excessive application of fertilizers in agricultural production. The high content of nitrates in water are dangerous for human health and pollute all types of water bodies, including open.

In 2014, the European Commission drew the attention of Germany on the issue. In 2016, given the resistance of the authorities of the country of Germany was recommended to take serious measures against nitrate pollution. According to the government report, measuring devices recorded the level of nitrates above the EU norm of 50 mg/l in 28% of groundwater.

Germany ranked second (after Malta) in the rating of the EU countries having the problem with the contamination of groundwater.

In 2017 the German government has introduced a number of restrictions on the use of nitrates in agriculture. They included the establishment of a maximum limit of nitrogen content, long pause between applications of fertilizers, the requirements for fertiliser application depending on the distance to the water.

The German authorities contested the claim in court, but the Court has not accepted arguments. If the situation is not corrected quickly, the country will be imposed heavy fines.

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