Germany was accused of nitrate pollution of groundwater

The European court acknowledged that the German government is not doing enough to prevent the penetration of nitrates into the soil.

Германию обвинили в загрязнении нитратами грунтовых вод‍

The corresponding decision the court announced on Thursday, reports Deutsche Welle.

The courts held that Germany violates the relevant European Union Directive. The limit value of nitrate pollution of groundwater in the EU is considered to be 50 milligrams per liter. The court also said that Germany undertake additional measures to avoid contamination.

The excess nitrates that enter the soil mainly from mineral fertilizers harms the environment and creates health risks for citizens, said the court. It ordered Germany to pay the costs of the judicial process.

In 2014 the European Commission has warned Germany about the high level of groundwater pollution with nitrates, and in 2016, filed a lawsuit against her in the court.

Germany accused of violating European rules adopted in 1991, defining standards for levels of nitrates.

In April 2017, the European Commission also filed a lawsuit against Germany for insufficient efforts in the fight against air pollution.

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