Germany will continue to accept refugees in 2020

Германия продолжит принимать беженцев в 2020 году

The German government intends to continue participation in the program of resettlement of refugees

Next year, Germany plans to take about 5,500 refugees. The program of resettlement of migrants is carried out in cooperation with the high Commissioner of the United Nations high Commissioner for refugees (UNHCR).

According to the latest data, about 3,000 places are reserved for the year 2020 for humanitarian admission of Syrian nationals. 1,900 seats are available for the Federal resettlement processes and another 200 for state programs in Schleswig-Holstein.

The program Neustart im Team which includes the reception, involves finding mentors-volunteers who pay part of the cost of the lives of immigrants and accompany them. The EU resettlement program includes 50 thousand places for refugees in this and last year. The share of Germany this number amounts to 5,500 people per year. In 2019, Germany has already taken about 2 100 migrants. Almost 3,000 seats remain vacant.

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