Gestures that partners can talk about their relationship

Что жесты партнеров могут рассказать об их отношениях 

Facial expressions, glances, touches, sharp and smooth movements. All of this can be pronounced signals describing the relationship of the partners. “Rambler” figured out how to use the gestures to determine how close you are to each other.First svidanii talk time each person involuntarily motion and makes movements that at first sight even are imperceptible. How to understand that a date is perfect?Biting lips is the first sign of sympathy. On the contrary, if your partner in conversation bites his lip, most likely he is worried or trying to hide something.If your question implies a one-word answer “Yes” or “no”, then note the movement of the head men or women. When you try to lie, the first movement is about: if the person is trying to conceal a positive response, to say “no” — the chin will make a slight slope down, simulating a nod with the opposite answer.A closer look. If a potential partner does not take from you your sight is a special sign of interest and attention. When the interviewee is trying to lie, he instinctively maintains eye contact, sometimes even without blinking. Try to distinguish between the loving glance of a partner from a cunning liar.Open palms. If a young man or girl holds hands open and gestures calmly opens his hands — a sign of confidence and calm companion.Long autoselector Lillian Gless sure to distinguish between the happy couple only thanks to one of the gestures. It can make absolutely anyone, not even versed in psychology.The holding of hands symbolizes affection and understanding between partners. Woven hand show that the partners formed a real Alliance.Hands on the waist. Partners who prefer to hold each other’s waist, very delicate and sensual nature. But sometimes that man can Express his desire to dominate the woman. Showing by this gesture that she belongs only to him.Kisses. If a man or woman not ready to kissing in public places, it may be due to the fact that the partner is shy of its second half.Touching the knees. Intimate touching the ear, shoulder, neck and knees are a signal of confidence. If these gestures occur during conversation, it means that the partner is not indifferent to your opinion, and he is trying to listen to you.Stroke back is an open sign of intimacy. A light touch is the symbol of comfort, more strong and tense reflects the desire to control.What psychologists say“Our attitudes, gestures, facial expressions and body position — all of which can convey your intentions, inner state, mood and emotions. American med.psychologist albert Meyerabian, studying the psychology of perception of the world is a shared assessment of the situation by the interviewees into three groups: body language is 55%, the flow of words — 38%, the meaning belongs only 7%. If you feel that in your relationship something is wrong, look at the partner rate his eyes, start to notice the touch and his body position when talking to you. All these details can become clear signals. ” — says Svetlana grabova, a psychologist.

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