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A nice series that can be consumed in a burst will be released as early as tomorrow on Us TV. The second season of the Queue, comedy-drama devised by the creative Réal Bossé, who signs and plays in the 13 episodes of this series, and intertwine the destinies of two families of atypical.

In the first season, also available on U.s. TV, Réal Bossé has taken up the challenge to write a sitcom where all the scenes took place only in queues. We followed the lives of members of two-generational families, through discussions that took birth in any queue imaginable.

The second season, which also featured Muriel Dutil, Sylvie Moreau, Andréanne Théberge and Jean-Nicolas Verreault, evolves into a television format more conventional.

The author and actor recognizes the difficulties that has caused the fact of wanting to look only in queues.

“It was slowing us down in the chronology of the stories,” he says. In the second season, it is more in moments of waiting in queues. “

The structure of the episodes can now enter the homes and into the private lives of the characters. That can happen when a pregnant woman waits to give birth ? When waiting for a diagnosis, a ticket lottery, or a call that could change our lives ?

Affected by Alzheimer’s disease

The series is even more touching than the first. Réal Bossé portrays the character of Louis, who shares the daily life of his mother with Alzheimer’s, played by a deeply moving Muriel Dutil.

“There’s something in there that upsets me, told Réal Bossé. It is a disease terrible. I’ve known around me. Me, I’m very fortunate to have my mother of 97 years old who has his whole head. I still have discussions with exceptional it. “

Tour in Quebec city last summer, no scene has been captured in the studio, but in real places. “It is what cost the most expensive in terms of time and money. But it is in the real world, ” says the actor.

The pace is also slower in contrast to other series on the small screen.

The 13 episodes will be available online tomorrow on the site and will be broadcast on Us TV right from the 7 April to 19-h.

On the specialty channels

The burden of proof

Eighth and last episode of the second season of the Burden of proof, series a canadian first aired on CBC in Canada. This is the beginning of the trial of Luna, Joanna and Billy are defending, despite an accumulation of evidence to support. The case looks wrong, but Joanna, risk everything, for the calling to the bar an unusual witness.

► Séries+, 21 h

Shot of pig

Patrick Groulx and his accomplices, Guillaume Pineault, Matthew Pepper, and Michelle Desrochers, make every effort to play tricks, real “kicks ” pig”, their entourage and their guests. This week, William and Matthew playing tennis players to help Karine Gonthier-Hyndman to trap her father, a man very competitive. Also, Matthew and Michelle become employees very bad, in a big-box store, and Guillaume tends a ruse to Matthew on the big screen…

► Z, 21 h

ABC contre Poirot

Hercule Poirot is faced with a mysterious serial killer who scatters clues . Note that two episodes will be presented in a burst this evening.

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